10 thoughts on “In War, The First Casualty Is Truth Dot Org

  1. Hey, rhe UN also said we won’t win the war, General Mcchrystal, the ex-comander in afgahnistan got fired for saying the war is unwinable. Hmmm, every one including soldiers and generals, say the war is unwinable,I think Ill believe the lying politicians instead.

  2. john sherman says:

    Thanks for repeating the completely sane rule that if the enemy knows it, it is not a secret. During Vietnam, the NY Times reported, with pictures, that the U.S. was bombing North Vietnam, and LBJ hit the ceiling because the Times had disclosed a national secret. I remember thinking that I had enough faith in the USAF to believe that the North Vietnamese knew they were being bombed and by whom; therefore, it was likely the Chinese and Russians also knew, as it was the sort of thing the Vietnamese might mention. And, in fact, those of us reading the European press also knew. The only people who didn’t were Americans relying on the networks to tell them the truth.

  3. Bruce Benidt says:

    Excellent point and examples, John. And Nemo, I suspect this will be a turning point in public support of the war.

    The material about the Pakistani intelligence people helping the Taliban also reminds me about the corrupt government we were supporting in Vietnam.

    But God save me from having to figure out how to fight the terrorist zealots in the mountains along the Pakistan – Afghanistan border. God save us all from zealots. But the way we’re fighting this war isn’t working and seems unlikely to ever work. Yikes.

  4. Ellen M says:

    90,000 documents were released by Wikileaks. This is the type of “kick ass journalism” you’re always looking for, Bruce. But note: it does not come from a journalist. It comes from we, the people. This is a big change wrought by the internet and there’s no going back now.

  5. Dennis Lang says:

    Okay–So more than one administration appears less than truthful in its depiction of reality. How does this differ with any of the messages now saturating culture from corporate advertisers and –yes–PR professionals. Truth and integrity don’t appear to be big selling points and the question becomes how to create the least pernicious most appealing image. Do you really think people are moved any longer by actual facts?

  6. Newt says:

    I wish the Pentagon had listened to me.

    After 9-11, I wanted strategic bombardment of localized Middle Eastern terror hotspots. No ground troops.

    Towel-headed dictators and religious fanatics needed to be reminded – as Reagan did to Khadaffi – that a rumble in the sky meant certain death after mischief.

    Remember that these clowns cling to life while sending out explosive-laden women, children and young men out to blow themselves up.

    Reagan had the right formula to keep the Middle East in check.

  7. Jim Leinfelder says:

    “Reagan had the right formula to keep the Middle East in check.”

    You Reagan hagiographers kill me.

    One truck bomb sent him packing.

    “We are not going to let a bunch of insidious terrorist cowards shake the foreign policy of the United States,” Vice President George Bush said while visiting the site of the bombed out Marine headquarters on Oct. 26, 1983. “Foreign policy is not going to be dictated or changed by terror.”

    But it was. On February 26, 1984, the Marines surrendered their positions in Beirut and withdrew. Ronald Reagan called it a “redeployment.”

    1. Newt says:

      Young Leinfelder – you’ve unwittingly stumbled onto the point I am making, ..

      Reagan conceded that the Beirut bombing was an enormous, avoidable tragedy. There was no justification for having troops there – as there is none for Iraq or Iran.

      Reagan was hugely successful in scaring the shit out of Khadaffi, the Iranians and Syrians using selective, surgical force.

      Young Leinfelder strikes me as the kind of guy hanging around the locker room with a ruler strapped to his leg.

  8. Bruce you’re a special kind of coward – afraid of stone-age people living in caves. Get real. The Taliban didn’t do terrorism to us – in the official narrative, that is – it was Al Qaeda. They were mostly arabs from Saudi Arabia. I get the sense you’d kill them all just to feel safe in your crib here in Minnesota.

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