4 thoughts on “Three Screeds for the Price of One.

  1. john sherman says:

    Had the strib editors done 30 seconds worth of homework they would have discovered that MSNBC announced in August of 2008 that Maddow would be given her own show; hard to see how she sets the “television template during the George W. Bush administration”–whatever that means–when she only had her own show for about the last 5% of it.

    I was also pissed with their reference to the “disgraced Eliot Spitzer” as though “disgraced” had become his first name; unless they’re willing to routinely refer to the disgraced David Vitter or John Ensign, they should give the epithet a rest. After all, the major difference between Spitzer and the others is that he wasn’t full of crap about “family values” and when caught, he manned up, resigned and stopped taking tax payer money.

    The strib story on Abrahams also suffers from the both sides do it problem; on the science it’s not even “we report, you decide,” it’s “we link, you decide.” Have they fired all the staff competent in science who could look at the links and decide who is a scientist and who is a charlatan?

    Back story on Abrahams story. I can’t prove it, but I suspect what started McAuliffe on the story were two splendid posts by Casey Seliz at MinnPost. It would not be the first time the “professionals who adhere to journalistic standards” pillaged the hippie media for a story and didn’t bother acknowledging the fact. And I must confess I was, as she so kindly says, the little bird that whispered in her electronic ear that she might want to take a look at the summary of the story that appeared on the Scholars & Rouges blog, but she did the hard work work, and did it very well.

  2. “MSNBC is only (barely) aping what FOXNews firmly established 15 years earlier, and Rush Limbaugh before that.”

    …and is therefore off the hook?

    By the way, Maddow might not have had her own show during much of Bush’s tenure, but she wasn’t exactly a stranger to MSNBC broadcasts prior to that.

    1. john sherman says:

      Yeah, she subbed for Olbermann and was on a group talking about elections for a few months before. I admit that I don’t know what it means to set a template, but it sounds like something a sub wouldn’t get to do, and template sounds like something that doesn’t happen in the last year of an administration.

  3. I agree with all three of your takes on Screeds 1-3, and with all due respect to the MN Connection and everyone’s favorite pastime of deservedly ripping on the Strib, I have to feel the real story calling for citizen awareness and action is Screed #1. As such, I’ll focus there.

    The USA has been a disfunctional family for so long it no longer knows how to function. It is the kid who each night returns the car home with the gas tank on empty and says ‘sorry mom’ and thinks that is good enough.

    Maybe when times were fat and happy in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, when gas flowed like water and mom’s checkbook mostly balanced, it was tolerable (or at least tolerated). But it is the second great depression now, isn’t it time to take the keys away from the kid?

    And isn’t it foolish of us citiaens to think the kid is just going to change on his own when for 50 years he hasn’t…and aren’t we dreaming if we think the kid is just going to toss us the keys with the gas tank full one day…just because he felt like it?

    More likely he will toss us the keys after he crashes it…probably won’t even bother to say ‘sorry’ and then ask when we will replace it because he has a date Saturday.

    We have to be the adults, not these Uncle Sam politicians who are mere weathervanes of special interests. We have to speak up, and demand action; and by doing so provide cover to the few Bernie Sanders-like politicians who are willing to take tough stands on tough issues.

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