10 thoughts on “A Million Little Faces

  1. Ellen Mrja says:

    In honor of “Social Media Marketing Day” (I kid you not. Someone thought this one up.) I am reading a book – THE IMPERFECTIONISTS – and taking it slow – gardening (a little), cleaning the kitchen (a little), supporting my Rowdies (a little).
    Never even joined Facebook. I have too many friends already.

    1. PM says:

      Same. Never joined, never been tempted. I have a friend who joined to monitor her kids, and keeps on getting hassled to friend others who have found out that she is on Facebook. they get really irate when she doesn’t respond, doesn’t update her site, doesn’t post, etc.

  2. Minnesotan says:

    Funny stuff. The NY Times had a series of articles earlier this month that explored how our plugged in existence is impacting our relationships. I even presented on this to my colleagues. It seems many adults, even successful adults, are finding technology to be hurting their personal and professional lives. This really struck a chord with me a few weekends ago when I was at a friends cabin and 5 of my buddies were all sitting on lawn chairs playing on their smartphones. Literally not one human interaction between them for quite a long time.

    There are a few related article in the series:

  3. Minnesotan says:

    One last thing, I found this to be the most interesting stat from the first article:

    Computer users at work change windows or check e-mail or other programs nearly 37 times an hour, new research shows.

  4. I’ll admit it, I’m hooked — much to my surprise. Still, I’ve found FB to be a more immediate way to keep in touch with friends & family back in the US.
    I’m pretty sure that the addition of my brother on FB marks the 1st time that we’ve had daily or weekly contact since I went away to college more than 30 years ago.
    This morning, I was greeted with pictures from the family reunion back in Minnesota that we could not make it to this year. Not such a bad thing, in my opinion.
    And, yes, on the professional side, it’s handy to see how the physicians that we work with use FB to market, as well as watching how different companies use it.
    So, yes, I am an addict — now I have to go run and check my cafe.

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