9 thoughts on “Scarcity Marketing

      1. Ellen Mrja says:

        This is priceless. I got a Droid about one month ago. I took it in to Verizon yesterday so they could show me how to stop it from saying “Droid” in one freaky Brave-New-World-ish voice every time someone involved me digially in some damn way or another. At Best Buy last night, my salesman (who, when I purchased it, remarked: “Are you sure you can handle that much phone?” I kid you not.) spent 40 minutes showing me what I have not been able to figure out myself during the past month. Anway, the Droid is like carrying around a computer all day except it’s got a horrid keyboard. Hoping I’ll get used to it.

        HOWEVER, it’s not an iPhone 4. So I guess I’m just what I always was – living in the apartment one floor down from the penthouse.

      1. Dennis Lang says:

        Way too brilliant. Now I feel more hopelessly imagination deprived than usual. Yes, surpasses that DNA Rectal Diffuser musical you folks posted about a year ago. These guys are hired.

  1. Joe Loveland says:

    …and Beatweek captures the anxiety of it all…

    Will we see another round of pre-orders, this time for the white model instead of the black? Will the white iPhone instead begin at retail, with a pre-announced launch date or will they merely show up at Apple Stores on day in July without warning? And more importantly, among those of you who’ve waited this long for the white iPhone 4, will you continue to wait through whatever fraction of July it ends up being – and how about if Apple delays it again? If you’ve already bought a black iPhone 4, do you expect to face white iPhone envy once they hit the streets? Will you consider attempting to exchange your current black iPhone for a white one, or has that ship already sailed?”

    Pass the xanax.

  2. Dennis Lang says:

    Man, so somewhere in our not too distant past I imagine there evolved a subculture of ravenous, irrational consumerism. When did this happen? Who are these people? And how did so many of us become them? Brand–or the perception of–more meaningful than content?

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