16 thoughts on “What Should Jon Stewart Ask Tim Pawlenty Tonight?

  1. One thing I’d ask is how he justifies going around the country touting his supposed health care cred when he has kicked like 50,000 people off medical insurance and care in the state.

  2. Ellen Mrja says:

    Rob: Do you think the staffers at TDS would know something like this? I can’t figure out how Pawlenty’s staff got him booked on such a hot show.

  3. Joe Loveland says:

    Questions JS should ask:

    1. “When the Supreme Court publicly spanked you for overstepping your power, I must ask you in all seriousness, did the hairs on your adorable mullet stand on end?”

    2. “Please don’t take offense at this, but is having a job approval in the thirties — over 20 points below a President who literally has a historically grotesque mess on his hands — really a compelling argument for a job promotion?”

    3. “You say you didn’t raise “taxes,” but you jacked up what you prefer to call “fees,” which raises the question ‘how in the world did you ever do fiscal policy before the advent of thesaurus.com?'”

  4. Ellen Mrja says:

    Rob: There’s plenty of ammunition in your post. But Stewart will probably go for Loveland’s first question because it includes the word “spanked” and I think Stewart is sort of into that.

    Beware flannel-wearing strangers from the west, Jon. Beware.

  5. PM says:

    Nope, no flannel–but blue jeans, and no tie! And, no mullet!

    I haven’t logged on to see the extended interview, but what was broadcast was pretty good. No killer questions–or at least nothing T-Paw couldn’t handle.

  6. Newt says:

    STEWART: The DFL proposed $1 billion in increased spending when already you had a $3 billion deficit. How do you work with such morons?

  7. Ellen Mrja says:

    Our gov was on ABC’s “Good Morning America” today and came THIS CLOSE to announcing his campaign. He’s a viable possibility for a party that seems to have been taken over by wingnuts; he looks quite sane in comparison.

  8. PM says:

    Yeah, he is a viable alternative. And frankly, probably one of the few who, going up against Obama, would not start frothing at the mouth (and, as a result would probably not be considered insane by the public).

    The flip side is that he might not be able to generate a lot of Republican grass roots enthusiasm.

    1. Ellen Mrja says:

      PM: Here’s a thought. Could Sarah Palin be chosen as the Republican standard bearer? If so, could she win a general election for president?

  9. Ellen M says:

    PM: I’d like to say I’m surprised to see TP stooping so low but I guess I can’t. Where can we find leaders in this country and not just goon politicians?

    I’m also disappointed with the Star Tribune for not investigating these kinds of allegations. Merely reporting what someone said is lazy-ass journalism, as Bruce would call it. If these allegations are true, we should know that. If these allegations are false, we should know that, too.

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