6 thoughts on “The Final Salute

  1. Dennis Lang says:

    It just tears you apart. We’ve read all those bony statistics of casualties and deaths, PTSD and suicides, of billions expended, and it’s all comparatively fluff because this tragedy is really indescribably personal. And most of us will never begin to understand its devastating effect, or these days care very much about it. Haunting, profoundly unsettlling article.

  2. Mike Kennedy says:

    I was bringing my plane out of the hanger a few weeks ago to go flying and was stopped because the body of a fallen hero was coming in on a flight.

    So a handful of us stood on the taxiway and watched as the plane landed, taxied and stopped, surrounded by the family.

    We watched the entire scene, including the color guard and escort contingent and heard the sobbing, the words by family spoken to the casket and the procession. I’m not often brought to tears by people who I don’t know or have never met. But there was no way of avoiding it in this case.

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