12 thoughts on ““We’re Not Going Away” — The Ragin’ Cajun

  1. Newt says:

    Federal government seldom works well – irrespective of administration. That’s the only take away from Louisiana, Katrina, Arizona, etc.

    The people of Fargo have no faith (and little support from) the Feds during flood season. They are forced to self-organize and handle things themselves, which is a recognition of federal incompetence. The same with Arizona and illegal immigration.

    I don’t blame Obama any more than I do Bush. Federal government is inept. Period.

    1. PM says:

      Yet bobby jindal seems to believe the opposite–he keeps saying that the Feds both could and should be doing more. And the whole reason for the Arizona go it alone on immigration law is a complaint from conservatives that the Feds are not doing enough.

      Seems to me as if conservatives (maybe not you, Newt) are conflicted about the Federal Government.

      1. Momkat says:

        This was pointed out by some Tea Partiers too when they said ‘keep the government out of my Medicare.’

  2. Becky says:

    Carville and Bruce are right. If bajillons of gallons of oil spewed into a well-to-do (or at least Middle America) area, there’d be hellfire and damnation and orders and demands for correction and compensation coming from government and corporate America at all levels. Well, it’s not. The disaster’s in an economically and educationally depressed part of our country.

    The fact of the matter is the poor don’t vote, at least not in the same numbers as middle class and the well-to-do. We can debate and discuss the reasons for that discrepancy another day. But those at tables of power–those deciding how (not) to fix this monstrosity of a disaster–know the poor don’t vote, know their anger won’t be borne at the ballot box or when writing checks to political candidates, know the ruined livelihoods won’t come at the expense of their best friends and supporters.

    Those who cry out the least suffer the most of our (in)decisions and (in)action. The man-made environmental tragedy in the Gulf simply gives high burnish to that sad and morally indefensible reality.

  3. “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” Maybe TR? I’m thinking if TR or Truman was President right now, there would have already been a “Come to Jesus” meeting in the Big Room of the White House – and BP would not have dared to decline the invitation.

    Carville is pissed and rightly so. I’d like to know that the Prez is pissed, too. And, more than that, I’d like to know that he understands that this eco-disaster will spread way beyond Louisiana, even to Palm Beach and Nantucket (not sure about Lake Michigan).

  4. Mike Kennedy says:

    I understand Mr. Carville’s frustration. This is an utter disaster that will affect people and the environment for years and years.

    Though I did not vote for Obama and have issues with him, I can’t find outrage with him here. Yes, he can lead by talking, but that’s it.

    There is nothing the guy can do to stop this when the brightest deep water drilling engineers don’t know the answer. I don’t fault him for the spill. And I don’t fault him for the helplessness people feel to stop it.

    He does need to be a better communicator — I’ve never thought he was that great anyway. But I think a lot of the yelling about him is unfair.

  5. PM says:

    Let’s face it, all of the expertise for deep water drilling is with the companies that do it–not in NASA, not the military, not even in the US Postal Service. And because they control the experts (they ARE the experts) Obama has limited leverage–i mean, he can’t put them in jail–because then they will stop cooperating. Obama needs to craft a win win win situation–where one of the winners is BP and all of the people who are responsible for this situation, otherwise, they will spend more time covering their asses than trying to find a solution. I can’t imagine how to go about doing something like that.

  6. Mike Kennedy says:

    Me either. There is no question that BP will pay tons of money for this, as it should, and it’s reputation will be severely tarnished because it didn’t have a plan to stop this or prevent it — despite the fact that this is only the second oil spill in the Gulf in 70 years.

    One thing is for sure. This is going to mean a lot more imported oil now that there will be a ban for however long on deep water drilling around our shores.

    But this won’t stop deep water drilling in other parts of the world. The rest of the world needs it too much to ban any kind of drilling. It just means we will have to buy more oil at the mercy of nationalized oil companies, and they will be only to eager to sell it to us.

  7. PM says:

    Again, the result will be that we will export the risk tom those who are prepared to bear the cost….

  8. Mike Kennedy says:


    Very interesting. It is difficult to keep track of all the good stuff that’s out there. That’s why I come here — to find out what others are reading and watching. Thanks.

  9. Dave Jackson says:

    Well, at least Obama didn’t say he’d like his life back. Wow, is Tony Hayward giving us a multi-class course in how not to communicate during a crisis or what?


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