6 thoughts on “Brownie & Shrub, Salazar & Obama, The Gulf Tragedy

  1. PM says:

    “But can he help us change the hardest thing to change – ourselves?”

    probably not.

    you are asking too much of any one person. Human nature does not change quickly, nor does human society.

  2. Michael says:

    But can he help us change the hardest thing to change – ourselves?

    The main thing we need to change in ourselves is the tendency to see virtue in the likes of corporate whores and marketing gimmicks like Barack Obama.

    He was BPs favorite candidate. They gave him more money than anyone. He is paying them back, as he did with the bankers (bailout) and the insurance companies (health reform).

    Please stop imbuing this charlatan with beliefs and strengths he does not have. He is a shiny brown coat of paint on the same old shit. That he can formulate a decent sentence hardly matters.

  3. The Destructionist says:

    In the next four weeks, the Dow Jones Industrial Average will drop at least 300 points upon growing fears of the ongoing economic crisis looming in the United States and abroad as instability in Greece and other European countries suffer the devaluation of the Euro as it tumbles into “no man’s land.”

    BP’s latest attempt to cap the oil pipeline 5,000 feet underwater (a.k.a. “Top Kill”) using robots will fail. They will then come up with a “new plan” out of thin-air in an effort to seal the pipe and to instill confidence in the public. The Obama Administration will finally step in to take control of the operation, adding much needed resources in an effort to assuage the outrage being felt by Americans everywhere over this environmental catastrophe. A team of engineers and scientists will be sent down to the ocean floor, via bathyscaphe, in order to view the damage head-on and to make assessments as to how to repair the damage.

    Is this a future foretold, or just simple deductive reasoning?

    You decide.

  4. Christopher says:

    When you finally realize that Obama is playing the ultimate shill game, you can adjust your expectations. When he says anything, just change the statement to mean the opposite. When he announces directives, assume it is a pathway to progressive legislation of some sort (remember Rahm’s advice to ‘never let a crisis go to waste’). Then, when he lacks interest in oil spills, floods, illegal immigration, terrorism and other issues a normal President considers to be his only priorities – you will understand. To Obama, these things are just annoying inconveniences, delaying him from his singular goal which is the ‘fundamental re-making of America’.

    There are some people who see it, and want it. The other 90% of us better get up off our asses and do something about it, before the Constitution is nothing more than a “suggestion” made by a bunch of ignorant rebels.

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