4 thoughts on “Roadsign Does Some ‘Splainin’

  1. Becky says:

    Thanks, Bruce. Today’s rant stems from the hypocricy, ignorance, bigotry and downright mean spiritedness (one word or two?) of my neighbors opposing supportive housing for people living with Alzheimer’s (Jon Tevlin’s 4/27 column). Gonna go out on a limb and say they’re one and the same with those who need “merge” explained.

  2. PM says:

    Sort of like the people out west (including a top exec from a top company) who didn’t want kids with eating disorders living around them. Afraid it might remind them of some family members?

    NIMBY lives!

  3. John Gaterud says:

    This may be directly and/or inversely related to MnDOT’s apparently necessary (for reasons stated above) response to previous years’ incidents around other construction zones, where MERGE AHEAD warning signs appearing several miles before actual electronic lane-switch arrows had everyone (being the good, obedient Minnesotans that we are) slowing down immediately and jockeying to wedge into one long single line, resulting in the other lane(s) standing mostly clear for vast stretches ahead. For instance, signs last summer on I-35 S between Northfield and Far-bolt had to remind drivers to stay in two lanes until reaching the arrows: MERGE AHEAD (BUT NOT YET, STUPID).

    On the other hand, working on the highway more dangerous than coal mining or oil rigging—and, as Becky points out, the driving public being what and who it is….

  4. Becky says:

    John: The illiteracy continues. Saw last night on 694 eastbound just before 120, the sign says “lane closed ahead 2 miles. Use both lanes when there’s a backup.”

    I’m practically giddy with anticipation to see what manner of see-spot-see-spot-run road signs grace I-94 during the 35E to 280 construction.

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