16 thoughts on “Field of Mostly Dreams

  1. mzipper says:

    Instead of wasting all the space for the FSN set, use the area as a place to publicly shame those who start and participate in the wave.

    1. Joe Loveland says:

      Excellent idea. But because I am a bleeding heart, I would reserve this harshest of penalties only for the wave kingpins, rather than the wave participants.

  2. Expatriate says:

    Great job in Game 7 in ’91, Jack Morris. But really. Couldn’t you have wrapped that game up in nine?

    1. The game only went 10 innings because Jack Morris wanted it to go 10 innings. He was in complete control. Knew what he was doing. Knew he’d win in the 10th. Just like TK knew trying to extract Morris from the game after the 8th or 9th would have resulted in sudden termination of his pulse at the hands of Jack the Ripper.

      He may have gave up seven hits in that mostly scoreless, 200-minute game, but it was indeed a perfect game. And we’ll never, ever see anything like it again.

      1. Expatriate says:

        Well, OK. But I’m still mad that admission to Target Field doesn’t include free jet-packs.

  3. Eileen Smith says:

    The little nits are fun to pick, because the place is so lovely overall. The people are driving me crazy these days. I know most of them aren’t there to watch the game, but some of us are. Has anyone every created a youtube video on baseball game etiquette? Anyone? Anyone? It’s not even baseball game etiquette really. It’s more “you’re not the only person in the world so quit acting like it” training Something like this would work. No need to pay actors. http://tinyurl.com/26ot7q2

  4. Dennis Lang says:

    “Adoration doesn’t require perfection.” Good line but sadly fails to explain Jesse Crain.

  5. Joe Loveland says:

    Today’s Braublog:

    “…the space above the right-field overhang might be the most spacious and viewable in the park. FSN’s crap squeezes paying fans into a needlessly claustrophobic strip. I know most of us watch the games on TV, but Anthony LaPanta’s squatting place isn’t vital for the actual gamecast. As they say in football, “Push ’em back, push ’em back, WAAAAAY back.”

  6. Mike Maguire says:

    Nicely evaluated. As one of the few that has not yet made my first visit I now have a great checklist of potential concerns by which I can try to containt the irrational exhuberance I will feel at my highly anticipatory pre-game irrational exuberance. I will be sure however to avoid at all cost “waving” with a Brie and walnut salad on my lap. I’d hate to spill the vinigrette.

  7. Joe Loveland says:

    Offline, a friend emailed to disagreed with my plywood observation. His assessment: “cardboard.”

  8. Most embarrassing thing about the ballpart is that smack in the middle of the best view of the skyline is the world-class ugly Multifoods Tower.

    It’s a skyscraper built on the cheap. We have gorgeous and creative buildings like the IDS Center and the Norwest Center, built by international architectural stars, and all we can really see from the left-field line and on TV is that erector-set cheap square building. There are buildings just like it in Denver, I think it is, and a Canadian city, because the thing was built in the early ’80s with torn-from-a-magazine design. Yuk.

    As someone who’s actually been to Kasota, I love seeing the stone anywhere. And Bert is talking about pitchers purposely bouncing balls off of there to lure runners from third into getting thrown out at home on a carom wild pitch. Gotta love it.

  9. Mrs. Fay says:

    I thought Fenway was the only place left where people still did the wave…hope I get a chance to visit your new ballpark soon…with better results next time (unabashed Red Sox fan…although I do apologize for any rude New Englanders you may have encountered at the Opener, because I’m sure they were there).

  10. Eileen says:

    Wow. Mr. Loveland gave me a photo credit. Notice the Fiesta de Beisbol welcome in the Twins-O-Gram section. The Fiesta is the best baseball party of the year!

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