3 thoughts on “Journalism or “just blogging”? I know it when I see it

  1. We’re getting closer.

    It’s still “I know it when I see it,” but at least we’re nailing down the part that helps you declare when YOU see it.

    We might differ in our subjectivity, but I would dare say this post is an effort in the direction of showing our process is the same in arriving at our subjective answers.

  2. john sherman says:

    Can we first decide whether or not the people who write the news stories and the people who appear on the editorial and op-ed pages are both journalists?

    I’d say the range between the best and worst journalists is narrower than the range between the best and worst bloggers, but th ere’s considerable overlap. The blogs I tend to read are either news aggregators or ones written by experts in their field of expertise.

  3. An instance in which the definition of a journalist really matters:


    In California, you can’t do this to a journalist, but what rule to police use to determine who’s a journalist? Do you have to be a newspaper reporter? What if you work in the news division of a newspaper organization but only create video content for the website? What if you’re an anchor for the local news 10 o’clock broadcast. Do college-newspaper journalists count?

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