8 thoughts on “My Tax Day Prayer

  1. PM says:

    For all of you griping about the “47% who pay no taxes”, look at these:

    and, of course, this one, too:

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  2. Bruce Benidt says:

    The amazing thing about a recent NY Times poll of Tea Party members is that 52% of them said they feel they are taxed fairly. That’s less than the 62% of all Americans who say they are taxed fairly — another amazing number — but it’s all pretty amazing.

    So many people bitch about taxes — and here’s our dear Ellen and Joe saying they think paying taxes is OK. And I agree. And so do 62% of regular humans and 52% of radical right wingers.

    So ———- why does the idiotic simplistic pledge “no new taxes” get such traction? Or is this another case of the media and the politicians feeding off one another to create a bizarro world that has nothing to do with the world most folks live in?

    Most of us think the taxes we pay are fair. Ain’t that kind of refreshing, actually?

  3. Mike Kennedy says:

    I’m not sure this is all about taxes — in fact I’m sure it’s not. Taxes are just really visible right now because of the time of year.

    Do I gripe about the dollar amount of taxes I pay? Yes. Am I going to protest? No. Do I complain about moves the Twins, Vikings and Wild make? Yes. Will it stop me from going to games? No.

    It’s part of our culture to grudgingly go along with decisions we didn’t make. Americans like to be anti authority. Many of you were teenagers in the 60s, no? Some of you were probably hippies (uh, I was too young to remember that farcical time).

    Still, I do think there is a growing distrust in government and it has a lot more to do with issues other than taxes. Maybe the Tea Partiers are the hippies of our day. For more read this today in my favorite paper, the WSJ.


    1. Joe Loveland says:

      A majority of Tea Partiers (52%) and all Americans (62%) think they’re taxes are fair, according to a CBS poll.

      But, they think Obama is raising their taxes. CBS: “Sixty-four percent believe that the president has increased taxes for most Americans, despite the fact that the vast majority of Americans got a tax cut under the Obama administration. Thirty-four percent of the general public says the president has raised taxes on most Americans.”

    2. PM says:


      your favorite paper and Kohut have got it wrong–trust in government goes up and down and all around all of the time. Historically, there have been plenty of ups and downs–and the strongest correlation over time with trust in government goes to…….rises in personal income!

      Yes, when people are doing better, they feel better about government! What a surprise!

      And what happened just before Obama took office? Well, it was a major recession, with a very significant increase in the jobless rate and a very significant decrease in personal incomes, which–wait for it–would indicate that trust in government would fall again. And guess what? It did!

      Read all about it here (and ask yourself why the WSJ can’t seem to figure this correlation out):

      1. Mike Kennedy says:


        I agree. Economic times do dictate a lot of what people feel and express in polls.

        However, your point is misdirected. The WSJ is printing this piece by a poll taker. Yes, the Journal has policy differences with Mr. Obama — newsflash. I’m not sure it ever claimed that “this time is different” and that distrust and dissatisfaction with government is new.

        Maybe Mr. Kohut has it wrong. Maybe when times turn and people do better they will express more of a satisfaction with government. Time will tell.

  4. Mike Kennedy says:

    Well, he hasn’t yet. But there is absolutely know way on God’s Green Earth that taxes aren’t going to go up — and not just for the well off.

    There simply isn’t enough money among the higher income earners to pay for everything. To think that we are going to come close to balancing the budget without raising taxes on nearly everyone is pure fantasy.

    So for those who are cheerful about paying taxes, much happier days are coming.

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