6 thoughts on “Don’t Underestimate Michele Bachmann

  1. Ellen Mrja says:

    I’m saying Bachmann could end up being a real asset to the Republicans in 2010-2012. She has devoted followers, not only in her home district but nationwide. Sarah can rile them up; but Bachmann can introduce bills in Congress. It’s unwise to blow her off as an aberration, I think.

    As for lying: Are you implying our friends in the ABA are liars?

  2. Mike Kennedy says:


    You’re quite right on misunderestimating Bachmann (as W would say).

    She is not the airhead that some liberals have tagged her. In fact, I think she is quite shrewd in her appeal and very genuine in her positions. The fact that she has a strong vocabulary is a bonus, as are her looks.

    Yes, Palin is attractive, but I’m with you on having to listen to that tone and those catch phrases that she tries to use — which worked for Reagan because he believed them and because of his delivery. However, they just don’t resonate for Sarah, in my opinion.

  3. PM says:

    i do agree with your general assessment (bachmann is much smarter than palin)–but I still think that they are both crackpots.

    If i were a democrat, I’d be ecstatic if either of them was on the national ticket for republicans in 2012.

    If I were a republican, I’d use them both to energize the base, and try to keep them off of everything but Fox News.

    As someone who loves intellectual debates about issues, I tend to sit at home and tear out my hair whenever I am forced to listen to either (my preferred strategy is to change the channel)

  4. Ellen Mrja says:

    I forgot to mention that Bachmann did receive $1,000 and the endorsement of the Tea Party Express when it rolled into Minneapolis last week. She introduced legislation to repeal the HRCA…the day following the bill’s signing…and is rallying voters to work their congresspeople on this already. That’s the difference.

    Sarah is, oh hell. Let’s just call her out. She’s become a profilin’ diva. She ain’t no soccer mom:

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