10 thoughts on “Banned from Sean Hannity! And Lovin’ It.

  1. john sherman says:

    This is the free enterprise version of the usual Republican treatment of vets. They are much better at creating veterans than maintaining them. Reagan shut down VA hospitals left and right; Clinton turned the VA into arguably the best hospital system in the country.

    1. Mike Kennedy says:


      You are completely wrong.

      Here, for your edification, is the GAO report on VA hospitals in 1998 and their history, the fact that use of them declined well before Reagan and the future challenges they face.

      Like so much liberal dogma, the narrative of big bad Reagan closing VA hospitals and throwing out veterans in the street is, well, as Lambert would say…………..bullshit.


      Brian: Hannity is an entertainer. People do fall for loud mouths who attract a cult following and don’t have much substance. Twas ever thus.

      Look at Michael Moore, for example.

  2. Ellen Mrja says:

    Mike: To try to equate Hannity with Moore misses the mark – by a long shot. Moore has never set up a bogus charity to raise funds for wounded vets; Hannity and his friends have.

    Brian: Congratulations on your new-found stardom.

  3. Mike Kennedy says:


    I didn’t compare them in that manner. I simply said they are both loud mouth entertainers who profit from cult followings.

    Second, there is no proof that Hannity has set up anything other than lend his name to this series of concerts and its organization. Obviously the left always loves a Rightie who defects, as in this case, but there is usually more than one angle to every story.

    I’m no Hannity fan, but I don’t particularly like accusing someone of something until all the facts are in — which in this case, they are not.


  4. Ellen Mrja says:

    Mike: That was a very well-researched rebuttal in the FrumForum. Of course, I have to assume everything the researchers came up with is correct and the only way I can do so is to do the research myself.

    What do you think of Frum? Are you a devotee? I see the FrumForum is hiring interns. Would that be a good gig for college students or is the guy gaga?

    I wish he’d update his last book in lieu of the explosion of right-of-right activism in 2010. (Also, I’m trying to forgive him for once calling W. Bush “The Right Man.”)

    1. PM says:

      I kinda like Frum……at least he seems to have some cojones. Not one to always go along with the crowd. I certainly do not always agree with him, but he is worth listening to, because he has an independent streak.

  5. Mike Kennedy says:


    I don’t really know much about the guy to have an opinion. I guess I would be hard pressed to say I follow any one particular commentator.

    However, I do read the editorial pages of the Post and Wall Street Journal fairly regularly and columnists on the right like Charles Krauthammer — who I believe wields serious brain power — to those on the left like Eugene Robinson.

    Hey, wherever internships are available, why not? They are getting tougher to find and I read recently the government is trying to ban internships for no pay, which really isn’t going to help build resumes.

  6. bertram jr. says:

    Ahh, Brian:

    Your friend probably only wanted you to be able to see in person how absolutely normal, charming and intelligent Sean was.

    Alsa, today Laura Ingraham, one of the foremost in the line of “blonde polemicists”, has left the Twin Cities airwaves….

    We shall all be the poorer for that.

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