7 thoughts on “Smartass Award 3: A PR Firm’s Dead-on Satire

  1. Jeremy Powers says:

    Makes perfect sense. Corporations already decide who lives and dies by how much health care we get, they fight our wars, they guard our prisons, they manage all of our information, they try to influence how we think, and we buy all of our stuff from them. They might as well just tell us what to do from birth until wrongful termination.

  2. Ellen Mrja says:

    Jeremy: If I may, my dear –

    Corporations do not fight our wars. They get young American men and women to give of their lives and limbs.

    Also, is “wrongful termination” like a death squad? Sarah Palin warned me about this.

    (Hey, Mrs. Fay. What you doin’ in the bathtub in that other post Benidt wrote?)

  3. Mike Kennedy says:


    With Obama’s numbers spiraling downward in dizzying fashion and the public totally disgusted with anyone related to Congress from either party, I think the corporation running for office might just win.

  4. Ellen Mrja says:

    Haliburton and Blackwater = revolting. But it did send me to check on some facts:

    We just passed our 7th “anniversary” in Iraq. We spend $7 billion a month there. (These facts and more from http://usliberals.about.com/od/homelandsecurit1/a/IraqNumbers.htm). Not one single peep from those opposed to government waste and mismanagement. Too busy hosting Tea Parties, I guess. And, yes, liberals are equally as culpable. We complain in an uncomfortable and intellectual way about Obama’s continued prosecutions of these wars, but we still give him a pass. This site is also a depressing look at the numbers of American soldiers wounded with life-altering wounds (such as loss of a limb), those who suffer PTSD, those killed by mistake.

    Check out iCasualties for grim numbers: Operation Iraqi Freedom dead 2003-10: 4,704. Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan): 1,693 dead from 2001-10.

    Haliburton and Blackwater are evil.

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