4 thoughts on “Beyond the Horse Race

  1. PM says:

    Call me a Puritan, but i just don’t see how we as a society benefit from promoting gambling.

    Sure, there are plenty of inconsistencies in my position–the same argument can be made for booze and drugs, and i am all for legalization there. And I’m not really in favor of more restrictions on smoking. Although i certainly do not oppose taxing booze, drugs and tobacco.

    Maybe we should figure out a way to tax gaming more effectively…..

  2. Joe Loveland says:

    I’m not a Puritan. I can’t pull off the pilgrim hat look.

    I don’t want to ban gambling. I just don’t want the government further into the gambling business. With a full range of revenue-raising options available to our democracy, it’s a bad idea to choose the one revenue-raiser that generates enormous additional taxpayer costs.

  3. Joe Loveland says:

    I’d be against the income tax, or any other tax, if it generated side effects like these (from the Center for American Experiment report):

    Increased Bankruptcy—A national study has found that counties with gambling enterprises had an average of 18 percent more bankruptcies than those without. Counties with five or more gambling establishments were found to have 35 percent more bankruptcies.

    Increased Crime—The research of economist Earl Grinols shows that casinos contribute to increased crime. Grinols has found that while crime does not begin to increase until approximately four years after the introduction of casinos, a noticeable increase occurs at that time. He explains the lag time as a result of gamblers depleting resources before turning to crime.

    Increased Suicide—Las Vegas has the highest levels of suicide in the nation for residents and visitors. Other states have seen marked increases in the suicide rate since introducing casinos.

    Increased Family Problems—The National Gambling Impact Study Commission and several other groups have found that easy access to gambling has led to increased rates of divorce, domestic violence, child abuse, and child neglect.

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