8 thoughts on “Readin’, Writin’ and Revisionism

  1. klem says:

    “the South Dakota State Legislature has brought its citizens loan shark-level credit card interest rates”

    Ya they are the credit card interest rates that those poor sucker Canadians have been paying for decades. Oh wait, Canadians have not had any bank failures and bank bailouts or any increases in credit card based bankruptcies over the last year or two. That’ wierd, why would any legislature want to increase credit card rates?

  2. Ellen Mrja says:

    First of all, the word they were reaching for is “affect” – not effect.
    And these are the people who know what’s best for the education of South Dakota children?
    Don’t ever wonder why children from other countries whip our kids’ collective arses when it comes to measures on math and science and reading. It’s because politicians are in the classrooms – not in any meaningful way, of course. Just as another level of BS.

  3. PM says:

    Have you read the story in the NYT magazine about texas and the efforts of Christian fundamentalists to re-write the history texts?

    This is simply another attempt at Intelligent Design–change the science curriculum to suit your silly world view.

    In the Tulsa City Council, there was an attempt to force the zoo (run by the city parks department) to change its signage to “counteract” the evolutionary view of biology. Some local activists used that same “equal time” argument to insist that the if one creation story was going to be told, then other creation stories (notably Native American ones) should also have equal billing. That seemed to lessen the enthusiasm of the christian fundamentalists.

  4. Joe Loveland says:

    The Sioux Falls Argus Leader editorialized against the resolution today, mostly making economic self-interest arguments:

    “As the planet warms, crippling droughts, volatile weather and worsening pest and disease outbreaks drastically will hamper our ability to grow food and fiber. Many scientists, including those at the United Nations, project yield losses between 30 to 60 percent because of the ravages of climate change.

    Denying that climate change is occurring also undercuts South Dakota’s ability to boost its economy through clean-energy development. Corn ethanol’s promised contributions to reducing carbon emissions are dubious, but other advanced biofuels might well pay off. More importantly, wind energy is a proven clean technology with near unlimited potential for South Dakota. State legislators’ message effectively eliminates a major justification for the investments needed to bolster clean-energy technologies with direct economic benefit for South Dakota.”

  5. john sherman says:

    The climate change deniers and the creationists are joining forces under the “fair and balanced” premise that all opinions deserve equal time and that the idea that there is such a thing as expertise is elitist. What I’ve never figured out about the, in George Bush’s words, “teach the controversy” argument is why evolutionists don’t do it. I can imagine a scorched earth version beginning with the fundamentals of scientific method which would go on to point out why “intelligent [sic] design” is not science and cannot be science and how the irreducible complexity argument is not only non-scientific but anti-scientific. Of course, it would mean that the teacher would have to figure out a polite way of telling some students that their pastors are a bunch of ignorant yahoos. Pretty much the same can be said for climate change deniers, though one might have to substitute “energy company shill” for “ignorant yahoo.” Anybody in the SD legislature going to demand that the Flintstones be taught as a documentary?

  6. Newt says:

    The foundational data under which Nobel scientist Gore rests his entire case has been exposed as fraudulent.

    NONE of the predictive models in the last decade has proven accurate.

    Gore himself was embarrassed into removing several slides from his terror show after the frequency and severity of hurricanes diminished – instead of increasing.

    The oceans haven’t risen.

    The Himalyan glaciers aren’t melting.

    The name of your religion has tellingly morphed from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change.”

    I’d say South Dakota is considerably avant garde when it comes to interpreting cult “science.”

  7. Newt says:

    Gore Attaches Global Warming as Cause to Last Weekend’s Storm in Northeast

    Former vice president points toward weather events as evidence of climate change during ‘strategy conference call’ for supporters.

    3/16/2010 6:22:24 AM

    If there’s a drought – it’s global warming. When there’s a hurricane – it’s global warming. If there are heavy snows or even blizzards – it’s somehow global warming. And amazingly, the latest round of rainy and windy weather in the Northeast, well that’s consistent with this phenomenon as well, so says former Vice President Al Gore.

    Gore, the self-anointed climate change alarmist-in-chief, told supporters on a March 15 conference call that severe weather in certain regions of the country could be attributed to carbon in the atmosphere – including the recent rash of rainy weather.

    “[T]he odds have shifted toward much larger downpours,” Gore said. “And we have seen that happen in the Northeast, we’ve seen it happen in the Northwest – in both of those regions are among those that scientists have predicted for a long time would begin to experience much larger downpours.”

    But Gore had a specific example in mind. He explained this recent soaking in the Northeastern United States was “consistent” with what global warming alarmists were projecting.

    “Just look at what has been happening for the last three days,” Gore said. “The so-called skeptics haven’t noted it because it’s not snow. But the downpours and heavy winds are consistent with what the scientists have long warned about.”

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