19 thoughts on “Smart Ass Award 2 — Family Guy Gal Nails Palin

  1. PM says:

    Yeah, I think that Palin came off worse in this one. Frankly, I’m tired of people on the right decrying political correctness, and then turning around and engaging in political correctness selectively, as Palin did. Frankly, you should also mention the great job Colbert did on this one as well (explaining the meaning of the word satire to poor Sarah): http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/264042/february-08-2010/sarah-palin-uses-a-hand-o-prompter

  2. Yeah. this was funny as hell. The downs Syndrome lady kicked Palin’s ass hardcore. Though Steven Colbert did it extremely well, coming from a person with Downs, this was just brutal. Almost felt bad for her. Almost.

  3. Newt says:

    Let’s see: A Downs Syndrome actress, so we’re led to believe, devised her own political critique about the motivations of Palin’s parenting.

    Yeah right.

    It’s obvious to any discerning mind that Friedman was coached to say this.

    If someday we hear Tryg Palen talking about Andrea Fay Friedman being manipulated by her liberal handlers, we will know that he too was exploited.

  4. PM says:

    Isn’t it rather consdescending to assume that anyone who has Downs Syndrome can’t have a legitimate, genuine opinion of their own?

  5. Newt says:

    The highest functioning among Down’s Syndromers don’t come close to analyzing things like this.

    “Loaf of french bread”? “Looking for sympathy and votes”?

    Let’s get serious.

    I wonder how much time Friedman spent locked in a room with James Carville and Rahm before she came out with these quotes.

  6. Isn’t it rather consdescending to assume that anyone who has Downs Syndrome can’t have a legitimate, genuine opinion of their own?

    I agree. Was she coached by her family or others? Possibly. But unless Palin is of the mindset that people with Downs can’t have a thought on their own, she needs to come out and apologize for acting like a sympathy-whore.

  7. Kudos to my former boss and longtime friend, Tim McGuire, the father of a Down syndrome boy, who calls Palin overly sensitive on comments about Trig and her family’s treatment in the media.

    Here’s the link to Tim’s Star Tribune commentary today:

    Tim is a straight speaker. He says his son Jason “is one angry guy, mighty ticked off that he is different. He would desperately like to be normal. If ‘Family Guy’ burst that prejudiced view of Down syndrome folks [that they are “sweeter and more loving than others”], God love it.”

    Bravo Tim. McGuire is understanding of Palin, compassionate, warning her that she has a long hard road to travel with Trig.

    This is the Tim McGuire I know and love — the sumbitch told me twice to my face that I couldn’t do what I wanted to do at the old Star and the merged StarTribune. He sees the world, and journalism, clear-eyed. His blog is listed on the Rowdy Crowd rail under “More Blogs We Dig.” Worth a look. Way to go, Tim.

      1. Dennis Lang says:

        Even leaving aside whatever motivates Sarah Palin a wonderful, humane and enlightening article.

    1. Dennis Lang says:

      I’m still thinking about this line: “…I couldn’t do what I wanted to do at the old Star and the merged StarTribune.” What was it you wanted to do and how were you prevented from doing it? (Or is this a subject to be taken up during the soiree Keliher has been planning?)

      1. For the record (attn: PM) I’m not actually planning anything. I’m going to find a date when as many of us as possible can get together, and then I’m going to say, “Unless anyone has any better ideas, let’s meet at the Dubliner in St. Paul and drink and eat excessively salty popcorn and listen to some great live Irish music.”

        Something along those lines.

      2. PM says:

        Yeah, yeah yeah, I’ll be glad to argue/discuss the semantics with you over a beer or two….


      3. PM says:

        (I’ll even buy! After all, if you are going to all the effort of trying to herd this group of cats, you will deserve a couple of brews!)

      4. Dennis, TMI, maybe, but…
        I’d proposed writing a fictional column of Minnesota characters interacting with current news. This was back in the late 1970s, when the afternoon Star was trying to differentiate itself from the straight-laced Tribune and be a “daily magazine.” McGuire, bless his pointed little head, actually took sample columns to a focus group. They were luke-warm, not really getting it. Tim said no go — spoiled my fun, but maybe a good decision.

        Second time he pushed me to be more hard-edged news, less, I don’t know, contemplative, reflective, thumb-sucking, in my stories. Wasn’t a fit. What I’d written that used to make the front page didn’t in the new thinking, and I moved on. McGuire, the poop, didn’t try to hold on to me — in truth, it was best for both parties that I head on to the next adventure. And I still like the guy, cuz he was always straight.

  8. Steve Conway says:

    Nice rant on Sara Palin, Bruce. She is what Joe McCarthy has morphed into in 2010 — a populist hero with falsified credentials (foreign relations expert Sara, “Tailgunner Joe”), a mile-wide mean streak, and an eye for the main chance. Take that, Sara, and your little dog too!

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