Stuck With Peace

A dear friend of ours is a therapist. Yesterday, she reports, half her clients said the snowstorm in the midwest would keep them from being with large gatherings of family for the holidays.

Many of them had a hard time holding down the smiles that were slipping across their faces.

A lot of us have had travel plans accelerated, postponed or abandoned. We’re missing friends and family, traditions, warmth, love. And those people who were surreptitiously smiling knew they were also missing the hustle and rush of what is often too much food, too many presents, too much going on for any real reflection on what the season means to us and what the people gathered together mean to one another.

Lisa and I are missing family this Christmas Eve and probably won’t make it to Madison tomorrow. We just helped push out of our driveway the guy who plows our snow — his transmission died while he plowed — and then he helped dig out Lisa’s car that had been plowed in on the street. When the going gets touch, Lisa and I are packing it in.

We’ll have a very peaceful Christmas. We saw some dear friends in the last couple of days, and saw our niece/timeshare daughter Ally two days ago, back from Florida. We cherished the time with each little grouping of people. And we’ll see everyone we love in the coming weeks or in the fullness of time.

For tonight, all is calm, all is bright, with pretty snow, some firewood, health and warmth. Peace. Not a bad thing.

Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays Joe. Wherever you are, with others in a dining room bouncing full of hyper family members or by a fire with just the cats, peace be with you.

–Bruce Benidt
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