Dreaming Of A Right Christmas

Before I disappear for vacation, I just wanted to wish you and yours a heartfelt “Merry CHRISTMAS.”

That’s right, I said CHRISTMAS. Please understand that I am not, repeat NOT, wishing you happiness during any other winter “holidays.”

The past few weeks, I have been bombarded by “happy holidays” greetings from sacrilegious store clerks, marketers and friends. Thankfully, Rush, Sean, Bill, Lou, Ann and Glenn have told us what this greeting REALLY means: “Liberals want to ban ‘Christmas.’”

Time magazine notes that Rush wasn’t the first to battle this heresy. Back in 1969, the wise people at the John Birch Society warned us that “One of the techniques now being applied by the reds…is taking Christ out of Christmas.” And in 1921, that great capitalist Henry Ford warned us about “the whole record of the Jewish opposition to Christmas.”

And this year, the very observant mayor of Arlington, Tennessee noted that President Obama delivered his Afghanistan speech on, of course, December 1. That’s right THAT December 1, the day that everyone knows “A Charlie Brown Christmas” airs, practically the only TV special of the season that mentions Christ’s birth.

“Try to convince me that wasn’t done on purpose,” says the aptly named Russell Wiseman.

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