Tigers Having Sex In The Woods (VIDEO) – Part 2

Author’s note: I wasn’t intending on posting this, but in the course of putting together the post about “What Should Tiger Do?” that follows this one, I wrote up the ‘graph of how I came to know of this tomfoolery and even recreated a graphic to illustrate it.  When I was done with the larger post, this stuff no longer fit but I was reluctant to throw away perfectly good content.  As a result, I’m recreating in miniature the same shameless SEO gaming I poke fun at to see if it works.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

– Austin

Marketwatch‘s Jim Bernard, a speaker at David Brauer‘s #ofon gathering about the future of news, noted the Huffington Post had put up an item featuring a video of tigers (not Tiger) mating in a natural setting.  This was enjoyed for what it is – a blatant example of trying to game the search engine algorithms – that has been ridiculed elsewhere as well. It’s particularly fun to note the terms the post is tagged with (see the call-out in the image below), particularly the “green news” add at the end of the list.

It will be interesting to see what the same blatant exploitation of this situation does for us here at the Crowd.

– Austin

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