Where All the Children Are Above Average?

Fake journalist John Stewart recently did an exposé on fakey journalist Gretchen Carlson, the former Miss Minnesota turned Miss Fox News. On Fox, the Anoka native frequently plays Palin-esque “aw shucks” anti-intellectual cards. For instance, Carlson recently pretended to look up the words “czar,” “ignoramus” and “double dip recession” to prep for her oh so adorable political analyses. After all, a common down home gal like Gretchen can’t be expected to know them big fancy words them elitist intellectuals in the Obama Administration throw around.

But Stewart points out that Ms. Carlson is perhaps more educated and elite than she lets on. High school valedictorian. Stanford University. Oxford University. Classical violinist (i.e. Vivaldi, not Charlie Daniels). Therefore, when Carlson says she is dazed and confused by terms like “czar,” “ignoramus” and “double dip recession,” it might be faux slow. There is a fighting chance Carlson heard those terms at Oxford, if not Anoka Middle School.

At what point did journalists start feeling the need to cover-up all traces of intelligence, education and worldliness?

– Loveland

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