One Data Point

If extraterrestrial anthropologists were evaluating our species, what they would make of this: A human is fined just $212 for propelling a 3,000 pound hunk of metal at his fellow humans at 109 miles per hour. Later that week, the same human is fined more than twenty times as much ($5,000) for briefly grasping the mask of an aggressor who was attempting to decapitate him. Would they conclude there is intelligent life here?

– Loveland

14 thoughts on “One Data Point

  1. Dennis Lang says:

    Intelligent? Yes, I think so. Also capable of being grossly irrational. Life too often doesn’t make much sense but we keep at it anyway.

  2. Newt says:

    Copenhagen climate summit: 1,200 limos, 140 private planes and caviar wedges

    Copenhagen is preparing for the climate change summit that will produce as much carbon dioxide as a town the size of Middlesbrough.

    No intelligent life down here, Scotty. Beam me up.

  3. PM says:

    Intelligent or not, it is the only life we know. And, if it were not for our foolishness, what would we have to laugh about? (or blog/twit about, for that matter?)

  4. Mike Kennedy says:

    This all comes at a good time. My 18 year old son just got his first speeding ticket — 79 in a 60 zone in Maple Grove. It’s about $125. He is nearing completion of his pilot’s license and is a cautious and careful student pilot and is worried about the ticket on his record in case he want to apply to Air Force. Anyone know if there is a way to pay the fine but keep it off your record? In AZ you can take a class, pay the fine and keep it off your record if you don’t have any other moving violations in a two-year period.

    1. PM says:

      Yeah, there is a Hennepin County program that does exactly that. Call the county court clerks office, and ask for the Diversion Program (I think that is the name–it’s been a few years). Basically, you pay the exact same amount, and it (the charge) is suspended for 2 years. If you have no more violations, it then disappears. You need to have a clean record for it to work. You’ll need to explain why as well, but trying to get into the Air Force Academy sounds like something that should resonate.

      They don’t advertise this at all, but I once got a ticket for making a left turn between 7am and 9am at the top of Lake of the Isles, and the cop who wrote me the ticket told me about it (he told me the only reason he was there ticketing people was because the well connected locals in the neighborhood didn’t want traffic in front of their houses–he said he’d rather be doing real police work. The clerk in the Diversion program told me the exact same thing, and was only too glad to get me out of the ticket, and was pissed off that he had to deal with this crap)

      1. Mike Kennedy says:


        Thanks a ton. I’ll get right on that. I’ve been lucky enough to never get a ticket. So this is all new to me. I appreciate the help.

      2. Dennis Lang says:

        PM– As usual impressive. You are indeed a renaissance man (woman). I’m picturing mid-seventies. Snow white Santa Clause beard. Stretched out in the leather recliner smoking a pipe, late autumn, morning sun streaming into a walnut-paneled study. Maybe a little Errol Garner in the background. Book shelves lined all in hard covers, a myriad of diverse subjects. I’m rarely incorrect in these observations, so don’t disappoint me.

      3. Dennis Lang says:

        PM–Then again I’m hearing a growing concern that actually enabling the Crowd’s most prominent, anonymous contributers to encounter each other in a non-digital way may have dire consequences. I can understand the fear of unleashing the unknown. A “what hath we wrought” sort of thing. After meeting Newt in person could we ever really converse with him (her) again?

  5. Mike Kennedy says:

    Yeah, he’s a high school hockey player. The worst he’s ever done is two minute penalties in the sin bin. Thank God, they don’t make you pay a fee for penalties in high school — yet.

  6. Dennis Lang says:

    Man, you folks got so deep all of sudden. Sure, why are we here? Where are we going? How do we cope with the meaningless of it all? I’m getting out my portable Samuel Becket. Later….

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