Brett Favre on Leadership

We don’t do a lot with sports here at the Crowd.  We occasionally talk about the business or the politics of sports, but none of us much shows our fandom – if we have any – in this forum.

I’ve decided I’m a Favre fan.  I say this despite all of the Hamlet drama of the summer.

There are a hundred reasons why a 39-year old quarterback who earns $12 million a year and who has already punched his ticket for his trip to the Hall of Fame might not run downfield and throw a block for his receiver, but there’s only a couple that explain why one would.  One of them is that this is what leaders do; they do their jobs as well as possible and then they look for ways to help their teammates be successful as well. They model the kind of behavior they expect from others.

Might be a fun season for the Vikings.

– Austin

2 thoughts on “Brett Favre on Leadership

    1. Dennis Lang says:

      Prof. A–Thanks for reminding us of a wonderful moment. Well said. It’s the last thing any of us would have expected of a millionaire QB but if we were writing the script for ourselves exactly the role we would want to play–forty yards downfield selflessly throwing a block at a world-class linebacker. And it has nothing to do with the miraculous final drive and everything to do about character. I wonder how you learn this.

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