Life Beyond The Newsroom, Part Two

John Reinan and our friends at FastHorse have put together a second gathering for journalists and ex-journalists and soon-to-be-ex-journalists to talk about life after the newsroom. We had a similar gathering two summers ago — the night the I-35W bridge fell, so what does that tell you?

Thursday evening, January 29, we’ll start around 5:30 p.m. with bottle openers, and a free-wheeling discussion will launch at 6 p.m. Chuck Laszewski, formerly of the Pioneer Press, and Dane Smith, Nancy Olsen and Dave Hage, now or once with the Star Tribune, will share thoughts, experience and advice, and so will whoever wants to speak up.
Reporters often say they’re journalists because they’re not qualified to do anything else. OK, for some that’s true, but the abilities to gather, weigh, synthesize and clearly express information are skills that are much needed beyond newsrooms. So we’ll talk about how people being shed from newsrooms might actually still be able to pay the rent. Reinan, who will lead the discussion, has been a reporter for papers from Alaska to Florida and points between, worked in PR with Shandwick and now works for FastHorse, a lively marketing firm created by Jorg Pierach, reader and friend of this blog.

All are welcome. FastHorse is located at 240 9th Avenue North in Minneapolis.

Just in case, portage your cars over the river.

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