Sarah Palin: Reprise

Of all the interesting people we met in 2008, Governor Sarah Palin is near the top. After all, this looker — someone few outside of Moosejaw, Alaska, had ever heard of before September — gave Republican men unspeakable dreams for two luscious months.

In case you’ve missed her, too, she’s in the news (or the Main Stream Media, per Bill O’Reilley) again!

On the official website of the Office of the Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin this week bemoans the “salacious nature” of political reporting. Now, I don’t have to go very far out on the limb to guess the governor did not use the word “salacious.” Heck. I don’t even believe she knows “salacious” is a word. But here she is using taxpayer money on the Web to repeat the terrible rumors about her son Trig she says the press is repeating; and the only way she can describe them is “salacious.” Right.

A few days earlier the poor thing was being interviewed as part of a documentary about political coverage of the 2008 presidential election. When asked whether the press treated her differently than they are Caroline Kennedy, this is the mush that came out of her mouth:

“It’s going to be interesting to see how that plays out and I think that as we watch that we will perhaps be able to prove that there is a class issue here also that was such a factor in the scrutiny of my candidacy versus, say, the scrutiny of what her candidacy may be.”

I defy anyone to diagram that sentence.

But this is a quote she made via her Office:

“I was not commenting at all on Caroline Kennedy as a prospective U.S. senator, but rather on the seemingly arbitrary ways in which news organizations determine the level and kind of scrutiny given to those who aspire to public office,” Gov. Palin said today. “In fact, I consider Ms. Kennedy qualified and experienced, and she could serve New York well.”

As happy as I was to see Sarah Palin back in the news, I still felt bad for the taxpayers of Alaska. But mostly I felt bad for Trig.

8 thoughts on “Sarah Palin: Reprise

  1. PM says:

    What seems to me to be obvious is the huge chip Palin has on her shoulder. Her resentment of Caroline Kennedy is palpable. I suppose it comes from an inferiority complex the size of Alaska…

  2. Ellen Mrja says:

    JK: I’m proud to say I am middle America. And I assume, unless you live off fthe interest of your capital, you are as well.

    This post was about the statement the Governor released to the public. I didn’t go making it up. If she doesn’t want publicity, shouldn’t she go back to running her corrupt state and simply keep quiet?

    And as a middle-class American, you must be as bothered as I that this purely political (i.e., in violation of laws prohibiting the use of taxpayer funds for propaganda purposes) statement was made on our dime.

  3. Last week I posted about Palin being the central feature in a national direct mail offer for the Alaska Tourism Guide —

    That’s another suspect use of her office in my opinion.

    And note the difference between her two statements: One from the guv’s mouth; the other clearly benefited from some staffer surgery.

  4. on the palintology, it never ceases to amaze me about how her main claim to fame among her supporters is how, initially, her appearance at the gop convention jacked up (temporarily) the numbers on mcain’s polls.

    when it became evident that she was an air-head, and that as a VP, she would have been a disaster, particularly in FP, and public support quickly deflated, these same gop strategists kept/keep praising her. (Her obvious lack of substance as a candidate was/is secondary, if an issue at all.)

    obama is a candidate able to speak in paragraphs, using sentences that are grammatical; we see examples of palin above. somewhere, this weekend, i saw a huge list of bushspeak.

    what does this tell us about american politics?

  5. Ellen Mrja says:

    You know, now that I can look back to Palin exploding on the scene the way she did, I actually feel a bit sorry for her. She was in way over her head.

    John McCain used her..badly. He also knew she wasn’t the finest candidate he could put forward, but didn’t seem to care. To me, that was reckless.

    Let’s suppose McCain had chosen someone with substance, like Tim Pawlenty. Do you think McCain might actually have won with that ticket?

  6. Ellen Mrja says:

    By the way, Raymond, I was astonished by your website. My father-in-law is also a wood worker who restores old pieces; I marvel at what he can do. I noticed many of the blog links are in the UK. Isn’t that interesting? Our Kris M, who frequently posts on this site, lives in London and joins us from there. The beauty of the internet, yes?

  7. Big Easy says:

    Over the years, I’ve heard Republicans and so-called social conservatives ridicule liberals, women, minorities, etc. who dare to complain. “Victimhood” is the word those on America’s right end of the political spectrum use to describe lefties who express negative opinions. Of course, hard-ass right-wingers would NEVER use victimhood to explain their own personal failures. It is truly a rich experience to see Palin choose victimhood. Likewise, W has also been claiming victimhood in his recent attempts to explain the failures of his 8 years in office. Both of them are as bad as Nixon was when he gave his farewell speech on the day he left the White House for good.
    W and Sarah, take heart. Remember your detractors “no not what they do.”
    It is fascinating to watch and listen to those on the right blame the liberal media, blogs, society’s elites, secular humanists, environmentalists, gays, non-Christians, etc. for their failures.
    Not to worry righties. America’s vast Silent Majority is on your side. The only problem is, they’re just so damn silent all the time…but they’re there for you…yes, they’ve got your back.

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