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business loan In its history, The Same Rowdy Crowd has had something of a shifting ensemble cast, both on this side of the blog and yours. Writers and commenters have come, gone, and come and gone. small business finance It’s been fun for me to track it.

(That reminds me. I’ve always wanted to post about why I dislike the serial comma. Its use in that previous paragraph is warranted, in my view, but generally…)

Ah, I digress.

In any case, the shifting continues. For reasons that are disappointingly pedestrian, I’m going on a blogging hiatus and turning in my Official Same Rowdy Crowd Author cufflinks and lapel pin. I’m instead going to harangue these guys from the gallery from time to time. Thanks to my good friends and colleagues on the masthead. And thanks, everyone, for all the things I’ve learned and laughed at here. Cheers.

Speaking of which, this is hilarious.

— Hornseth

7 thoughts on “— 30 —

  1. Jon Austin says:

    I’ve already posted my comments to Mr. Hornseth privately – not suitable for a family blog. I’m working through the stages of grief and wondering where I go for my John Adams fix now.

    – Austin

  2. I think Hornseth’s more of a Henry Adams kind of guy, as in “The Education of…”. Henry was an eclectic, eccentric, erudite, iconoclastic, a creative synthesizer of disparate elements, an observer and collector of oddities, and a deeply fucked up person. Like Gary.

  3. Greg Bury says:

    Your wit and wisdom will be missed. Thanks for your contributions, Gary!

    Love that your notice is filed under “service advisories” like the SRC is experiencing a power outage or something.

  4. Dennis Lang says:

    Just noticed a critcal absence on the Crowd masthead. Of course I only “know” Mr. Hornseth through conversations here (his series on electiion days years, decades, centuries past was classic), but nonetheless saddened to learn of his departure. Now the lasting image of his extended hand in the soon to be iconic “Breakfast with the Boys” photo takes on an added poignancy. Best wishes, Mr. Hornseth.

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