Minnesota First. Time to Say Goodbye, Norm

Minnesota needs two senators in Washington. Today. Our nation needs to play with as full a congressional deck as possible.

The state is in crisis — how are your shock absorbers doing these pothole days? How are your libraries and police forces doing? Schools?

The nation is in crisis. Many, many crises. No president since Lincoln has faced such an imminent breakdown of the fundamental structures that hold our country and our planet together as Barack Obama is now facing. And Obama has to deal with collapse and crisis on more fronts than any incoming president in our history. In our history. Ever.

Have you noticed, Senator Coleman?

The election is over. We need our employee to go to work. The recount is over. The Canvassing Board said you are no longer our senator. So, please, for the good of Minnesota and the United States of America, put country and state first. Get out of the way.

norm_coleman_official_portraitOr are you so arrogant as to think that only you can help in this hour of disaster? Are you so arrogant as to think that it is worth Minnesotans waiting for months to have a senator just so we can have you? In months, this country and this state will likely be much much closer to the edge.

You are not worth the wait, Senator. In truth, no one is. The klaxon is sounding and it’s all hands on deck. No sailor, no patriot, responds with, “Uh, wait, I have to get my lawyer and see if this is fair, I’ll be there in a couple of months.”

Were there screwups in this election? Of course. Are there votes out there for you that haven’t been counted? No doubt. All over the state, fallible human beings conducted the election and the recount. They made mistakes. Guess what. That’s life. Perhaps as many mistakes were made favoring you as favoring Al Franken. Perhaps not. We can never make this process perfect.  Honest people around Minnesota did their best. The election was close. The recount was conducted, although not perfectly. But the process worked pretty well, and we don’t have time to perfect it now. In fact, nothing can ever be perfect — have you noticed? So stop wishing things were different. Your now-former constituents can’t afford the time you want to take.

Thank you for your service, Senator Coleman. And now do us one more service — accept the decision of the Canvassing Board, accept the election results, and get out of our way. I would have said the same to Al Franken if he were in your shoes, although admittedly with more reluctance. But nobody serves Minnesota or the nation by dithering at this time of crisis.

I’m a student of Stonewall Jackson. He beat larger and better-equipped Union forces consistently because he didn’t wait for everything to be perfect before he moved. The Union forces waited for all the troops to come up, all the horses to be shod, all the cannon to be in line. Meanwhile, Jackson moved, with what soldiers he had, lacking shoes, lacking equipment, but he moved.

We need to get moving, Senator Coleman.

Come senators, congressmen
Please heed the call
Don’t stand in the doorway
Don’t block up the hall
For he that gets hurt
Will be he who has stalled
There’s a battle outside
And it is ragin’.
It’ll soon shake your windows
And rattle your walls
For the times they are a-changin’.

— Bruce Benidt
Lyrics by Bob Dylan, of course, official Coleman portrait from Wikipedia small business financing nice free money for bills nice