Breakfasting With the Boys

crowd-002A majority of your hosts dragged their asses out of bed this morning to breakfast at the Highland Grill in what has become something of an annual tradition: we get together to assess the state of the Crowd, to gossip and to remind each other what we look like (contrary to the perceptions of some, we don’t often sit around the SRC newsroom plotting each twist and turn of our writings.  We do, however, have  a Bat Cave.)

We didn’t reach any great conclusions except that we still enjoy getting together – virtually and occasionally in person – and we’ve really, really enjoyed the conversation and dialogue that you – our readers and posters – have brought to this forum since 2007.  Thank you one and all and please keep it – and yourselves – coming.


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27 thoughts on “Breakfasting With the Boys

  1. Dennis Lang says:

    The composition of the photo is provocative, if a bit on the cryptic side (the visual equivalent to the Crowd’s intellectual sensibility, possibly). Care to identify the featured personalities? And heck, only moments from my compound in Highland Park–an opportunity missed to look in the window and put actual persons together with their digital voices.

  2. The bearded person who’s face edge barely graces the photo is Brother Austin (who seems to have appointed himself “The Mgmt”).

    The 26-year-old with dark hair — and a fucking thin spot on top! — would be me. Where can I find some Rogaine? The silver fox behind me is Bruce. The face-down ketchup fiend is Loveland.

    And not pictured, to Loveland’s left (but only in this physical context), is Gary Hornseth, who, against his better judgment, continues to associate with us.

  3. Jon Austin says:

    Dennis –

    The picture composition is probably an unconscious representation of our minds and the site, but it’s mostly due to me trying to hold the laptop with the camera stable and pressing “click” from an awkward angle. This was the best of the bunch.

    Jess –

    Funny you should mention that; a big part of our talk was on the topic of the logistics and interest in getting the larger Crowd together. Watch this space for our thinking on this topic.

    – Austin

  4. Hornseth says:

    I am pictured, Keliher. That’s my fist there, right center, which I was pounding in disagreement with Benidt.

    It was a further missed opportunity, Dennis, in that Loveland picked up the check.

  5. Dennis Lang says:

    Excellent! I think Austin has merely mastered the spontaneous camera style once favored by the Italian neo-realists. MK, it’s the unplanned positioning of the Key Light that only creates the “illusion” of a thin spot. No worry. Is Loveland putting that ketchup on his pancakes? Yuck!

  6. Joe Loveland says:

    I don’t see or taste so well any more, but I think my bottle of red was aimed at hash browns. If they were pancakes, the fellas were too nice to point it out to me.

  7. Dennis Lang says:

    Sure, hashbrowns. Soft resolution obscured the texture. Although, the unexpected combination of historically unrelated foodstuffs would have been consistent with the iconoclastic inventiveness often demonstrated by the Crowd and its adherents. Nice t-shirt.

  8. Jon Austin says:

    Ellen can light up any room on the planet. Our gathering this morning would have been enlivened by 12-watt refrigerator bulb. I do not look my best at 7:30 am. Nor do my dining companions, judging by the squints.

    Of course, I’m not sure what time of day I do look my best; is there a time when everyone else is asleep?

    – Austin

  9. Hornseth says:

    Caption Contest:

    I’ll start.

    Benidt: “Hang on, Austin. Let me get my hip flask out of shot.””

  10. Margaret DeLong says:

    Having only tuned in since about August, I’m sure I’m not considered a super-fan yet but give it time. I enjoy not only the insightful pieces but also the humor that is injected here. Where can I buy a t-shirt? 🙂

  11. Ellen Mrja says:

    Margaret: Welcome. (My middle name is Margaret so we’re kindred spirits.)

    T-shirts! Brilliant! As soon as I get through my warehouse full of “Clinton-Obama: 2008” shirts, I’ll put in that order.

    Thanks for reading.


  12. PM says:


    no offense, but you look best over a beer or two(don’t we all nowadays?). That’s why kelly’s suggestion is so brilliant.


  13. Ellen Mrja says:

    Eileen and Jon Austin:

    Those are the nicest things anyone’s said about me today on cyberspace.

    That I know of.

    Or want to know of.

  14. Jon Austin says:

    Caption: “Is this thing on?” “What thing?”
    Or: “Hands on the table, Benidt. You promised.”

    – Austin

  15. Dennis Lang says:

    Yeah, what is Carideo’s deal? I hope he doesn’t get paid as much as Loveland–for one article a year! Actually, the oversized t-shirt has a slimming effect, but that’s only a guess. Armani I presume, judging from the European-cut armholes and the modernist earth tone.

  16. Kelly Groehler says:

    Tony is a late majority blogger. I refuse to call him a laggard; the guy’s on Twitter! Quick, everyone head over there and start following him: @Tony_Carideo

  17. Kelly Groehler says:

    Caption: “Now, Jon, either you calm down and eat your breakfast like the other kids, or you can go sit on the bus by yourself.”

  18. Ellen Mrja says:

    MY VOTE: it’s tough to choose between “The Last Supper” and “Hands on the Table, Benidt. You promised.”

    But I have to go with “Hands,” only because Bruce already is alarmingly close to having Messianic illusions. We must not encourage these in any manner or our boy may snap.

  19. Dennis Lang says:

    The world spinning out of control and one of the weeks most dramatic developments the backstage machinations at the Crowd. I suppose a credit to your collective P/R expertise not an inkling of it migrated into cyberspace–and apparently to each other. An experiment with a new approach to interpersonal communications?

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