Spinning, Out of Control

A few weeks ago, Senator Norm Coleman called for an end to attack ads, after benefiting from them for months. Yesterday, Senator Coleman called for an end to frivolous ballot challenges, after piling them up for days.


‘…in the spirit of the holidays, and to give respect to this process that it deserves, we ask you to join us tomorrow morning in standing down in the game of ballot challenge one upmanship,’ said a letter sent to the Franken campaign late Tuesday from Coleman recount attorney Fritz Knaak.”

Today, look for the Senator to call for the Green Bay Packers to suspend the remainder of their season, after the Vikings have moved ahead of them in the standings.

On so many things, Senator Coleman’s spin machine is just too cute by half. Why can’t he understand that he looks like a huckster when he bombs Pearl Harbor one day and calls for an armistice the next? He just can’t have it both ways.

I’m not saying Franken is more pure when it comes to attack ads and vote challenges. Clearly, he’s not. But at least he’s not spinning out these hypocritical “can’t we all just get along” sermonettes.

In a race this tight, Minnesotans understand why both Coleman and Franken are fighting for every possible vote. But they need to understand that nobody is buying it when they act like recount Rambos at the counting tables, and good government Ghandis at their news conferences.

– Loveland

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