Make that Madame Secretary Clinton…

CBS News is reporting that Sen. Hillary Clinton will be named Secretary of State after Thanksgiving, acknowledgment by the Obama team of her talent, experience and intelligence. Hillary haters will, of course, be crawling out of the woodwork immediately spewing their slime. But I’m happy to see this nomination. Her strength and compassion will help to set a new tone for us on the world stage.

19 thoughts on “Make that Madame Secretary Clinton…

  1. I don’t consider myself a Hillary hater, but I did spew forth a joke about landing in Kosovo while dodging happy children, and I think I offended one of my Hillary-supporting Twitter “friends.” Maybe I should have waited at least an hour or two after the announcement before starting in with the humor, no matter how innocent.

  2. Kelly Groehler says:

    I think this is a great way to bring her strengths to service for the country. She can open pretty much any door in the world for us. My only concern is whether Bill will leave her alone and let her do her job. This’ll be interesting to watch unfold.

  3. Dr Know says:

    What have the Germans, French and Russians done to earn our respect? Think hard.

    Isolationism hasn’t be tried, but it sounds rather appealing. One thing we all know for certain: Appeasement has never worked.

  4. Bruce Benidt says:

    I am one of those who, from watching Hillary during the campaign and from reading Carl Bernstein’s book about her, came to the conclusion she is nine parts ambition and ego and one part soul. I’m not sure I see the value to the country or to Obama’s administration to have her as secretary of state.

    But I have so drunk the Obama KoolAid that I’m okay with the choice (which will of course be a huge relief to Barack and Hillary both). If Obama thinks it’s a good idea, it probably is. He’s way smarter and savvier than I am, and he has a broader view on all things than most politicians. So, welcome Hillary.

    As to the “team of rivals” thing — let’s not forget that Lincoln had a few prima donnas in his rival-ridden cabinet. At one point two cabinet members thought they could run things better than he could, and one submitted his resignation, and then Lincoln maneuvered the other into submitting his too (I can’t remember which cabinet members and I’m too lazy to cross the room to my bookshelf). Lincoln said now he had a pumpkin in each saddlebag and the load was balanced — two resignations. He accepted neither, but he had proven who was in charge. Obama is perhaps as smart as Lincoln — we’ll be finding out soon.

  5. Dennis Lang says:

    Re: the Doctor. Thanks for your reply. It will be evident that I know next to nothing about international diplomacy but as an observer I sense that the U.S.has lost its place of respect in the world over the last eight years–acting unilaterlally and from a position of presumed power we have sucessfully alienated allies that could only strengthen us. Unless, my premise is off, our challenge is to once again earn the respect of the global community. Do you think compromise and forming participatory coalitions among other nations automatically implies appeasement?

  6. Dr Know says:

    It’s too bad that Bruce had to purchase a book to learn the truth about Hillary, but I applaud his learning no matter how delayed.

    Dennis – if our raison d’etre is to be respected no matter what, by anyone, that makes us sycophants.

    A certain degree of tension and antagonism is in our self interest. If you give Putin an inch, he’ll take a mile, even a country like Georgia.

    The Arabs will hate us no matter what. If we suck up to any of them, it should be the Gulf states and Jordan. The rest can kiss our ass. The only thing they understand is blunt force trauma.

    With the exception of the UK, the Europeans are nominal allies. They’re resentful that they have become irrelevant.

    China and India will soon dominate. We need to play ball so that we have access to their consumers.

  7. Dennis Lang says:

    Hey Doctor–You’re great, really hanging in there. You do seem to have an interesting either/or philosophy: Either isolation or appeasement. Either be respected or we’re sycophants. No room for human understanding between nations? I kind of think if we had a better understanding of the psychology and sociology we would have had considerable pause before assuming that Iraq was merely waiting for the introduction of democracy that resulted in its bludgeoning, and a war that has lasted over five years with staggering cost.

  8. Dr Know says:

    Wrong grasshopper.

    I have a bilateral view of diplomacy. The rest of the world has an equal obligation to seek OUR respect – and they have done nothing in this regard.

    The best and only think we can do is continue cultural exchange through business. Programs, aid, military engagements, grants have bought us nothing in the last 75 years.

  9. EMM says:

    Dr Know: They have “bought” a positive correlation between aid and the development of democracy worldwide, including correlations in elections and civil engagement. That’s a pretty good buy, in my book.

  10. Dr Know says:

    Question: Which European leader recently called your beloved Al Gore an “apostle of arrogance”?

    Answer: The soon-to-be-leader of the EU, the current president of the Czech Republic.

    Analysis: It doesn’t matter who occupies the White House, America is seldom respected. Jimmy Carter was the laughingstock of Europe when I lived there. Then Reagan. It never stops.

  11. Joe Loveland says:

    Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a wall and moat around the whole country so we wouldn’t even have to cast our eyes upon any foreigners who dare disagree with us?

  12. Dr Know says:

    Check out the prognostication of Professor Panarin in the recent edition of Russia’s Isvestia:

    The part that really resonates is what will happen in the spring of ’09. This is absolutely fascinating – and alarming.

    It all stems from our societal intolerance of pain and sacrifice. The US government has become a candy story for every special interest – from investment bankers, to car makers, to welfare advocates, to the Sierra Club, to the military industrial complex, to pro sports team owners …

    America’s collapse – and breakup – is near.

  13. EMM says:

    Dr — Don’t be so willing to listen to Professor Igor Panarin (WhoZat?).

    Way back in 1956 Nakita Kruschev banged his shoe on his desk at a meeing of the UN and threatened the West with this old saw: “We will bury you.”

    It ain’t happened yet. And I can’t see Russia emerging as one of two economic super powers anytime soon. People there are still standing in line to buy bread.

    But here are some interesting anecdotes from the BBC (sorry, it’s a foreign site, but pretty darn good) about famous episodes when international negotiations broke down. (My favorite is what Kruschev said to Nixon — in Russian — about Nixon’s grandmother.)

  14. Bruce,

    I think you may be referring to Monty Blair and Salmon Chase – Pages 659 and 660 of Doris Kearns Godwin’s book. Not sure – but now you can get up and at least know which pages to check.

    And, like you, I’ve drunk the Obamaaid – and if he says Hillary is the right person – Hillary’s the right person. She looks better to me as a Secretary of State than as a president.

    Oh, did a Google search for – Lincoln cabinet members resignation rivals – and the first result put me inside Godwin’s book.

    Tell me if I’m right – I need the points.

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