Election Night – The Big Show

homeYou thought I was kidding about NORAD, didn’t you?

4:45 PM As time and attention permits, I’ll post updates to this post.  Right now, the chili is on the stove, the televisions are tuned and the computers are hot and connected.  We’re about an hour and fifteen minutes from the first results and we’re psyched. There are surprisingly few rumors circulating in my circles, maybe a reaction to the bad information that proved so disappointing in 2004.  An old political friend of mine says Missouri will tip late in the evening to Obama.

Amy and I voted today at about 10:30 and found a line longer than any we’ve every experienced in the People’s Republic of South Minneapolis.  The line stretched more than a block and it took about an hour to get in and get out.  I got ballot #999.

It was very cool.


6:45 PM – It seems very positive that Indiana, South Carolina and Georgia have not gone for McCain.  These are all states I had called for McCain.  In fact, the dissection of Indiana county-by-county on CNN suggests that very few Democratic areas have come in yet.

6:50 PM – Oops, CBS just called South Carolina for Obama.

7:05 PM – NBC has called Pennsylvania for Obama.  I’m finding Pollster.com to be the most useful web site for tracking who’s called what.

7:15 PM – ABC is now calling Pennsylvania for Obama as well.  Pennsylvania, you may recall, is the state that must be won for Senator McCain to have a chance to win.

8:05 PM – A big tranche of states falls to Obama when the polls close produces a big cheer in the Austin house.  Fox has called New Mexico for Obama.

8:10 PM – The New York Times site is way too conservative in calling races.  The networks have Obama in the mid-to-high hundreds and the Times has at 62 electoral votes.  I do, though, like the county-by-county map.

8:20 PM – Fox calls Ohio for Obama.  Congratulations to President-elect Obama.

9:05 PM – All of a sudden, my 364-174 prediction is looking a lot less fanciful than it did 24 hours ago.  Pollster’s projections so far this evening seem pretty accurate and suggest that lots of states – Missouri, North Carolina, Virginia – are trending big for Obama.  Florida is projected +1 for Obama.

9:30 PM -I’m getting good data from the Secretary of State’s web site:

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Dixville Notch Reports

i-voted“This just in….First-in-the-Nation Dixville Notch, New Hampshire has voted 15-6 for Obama this evening.  On the basis of those results, SRC News can now project that the winner of the 2008 presidential election is…”

Or not.  Dixville Notch is not predictive of either the state or the country.  Of course, this is the first time Dixville’s gone Democratic since 1968 (and, yes, that didn’t work out too well for HHH).

Get your ass to the polls.  This is one election that you’ll want to be able to tell your grandkids you voted in.  There’s a realistic chance we’ll get close to the 66 percent all-time record for turnout that dates back to 1908.

And, if the spirit moves you, post a note about your experience here.  How were the lines, the mood, the weather?  What did you see on the way there?

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