The Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator

Sarah Palin and her “guy” sure have picked interesting names for their children. There’s Trak, Trig, Williow, Ronnie and Nancy, George and Barbara, Spiro and I don’t remember who all else.

Ever wonder what your name would be if Sarah Palin had her way?

Well, according to The Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator, one Rowdy would be Grill Igloo Palin.

Another would be Lean Pipe Palin.

And a third (so masculine *sigh*) would be Flex Gunship Palin. I’ll let the other guys play for themselves.

Try the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator with your name. tax prep fine

5 thoughts on “The Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator

  1. My Palin name changes depending on what name I give it — Mike or Michael or MJ. I don’t go by “MJ Keliher,” but that results in my best Palin name: Shank Piston Palin.

  2. Joe Loveland says:

    Barack Hussein becomes “Plank Castle Obama.” I bet Obama would be willing to trade in his middle name for just about anything.

    – Clop Clutch Loveland

  3. EMM says:

    @Clop Clutch, Kinkle Bearcat and Shank Piston: I’ll never look at you guys the same way again.
    Signed: Halter Grasshopper

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