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We seem to be thinking about commerce and scams today here at the Crowd.  I recently ordered some campaign material from the on-line store of one of the candidates (guess) and was struck by how campaigns have turned what used to be an expense – buttons, yardsigns, etc – into a revenue source.

In the spirit of the American tradition of finding a way to make a buck off of anything, let me contribute parts 1-3 of Garry Trudeau’s take on the Sarah Palin phenomenon.  And, yes, there’s a link to where you can get yours today:

And, yes, there actually is a Sarah Palin action figure.  She’s available in three somewhat curious styles:

Hillary pantsuit:

Teen tease:

Clubbing dom:

If your tastes run in different directions, there’s also a “Beach Blanket Obama” sans shirt, a buffed up McCain and – my favorites – Ellliott Spitzer and John Edwards from the “Philanderer Collection”.

– Austin

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