“Old and Scared”

James Carville said a week ago that John McCain’s “the fundamentals of our economy are strong” misstep was the game-changer that inexorably tipped the campaign to Obama.  I think today might end up marking that point instead.

The Republicans – John McCain earlier in the day and George Bush tonight – looked anything but presidential. Both looked old and scared and borderline panicky; McCain because of his campaign freefall, Bush because of his worry that he might claim from Herbert Hoover the title of president who presided over the worst financial disaster in American history.

By contrast, Obama looked calm, in control of himself and vigorous.  He pointed out the obvious flaws in McCain’s gambit – that presidents have to be able to handle more than one thing at a time – even something of this magnitude – and that now, more than ever, the American people need to hear from their leaders – a role George Bush essentially has abdicated with his request to both candidates to come to Washington tomorrow.

Over the next couple of days, John McCain will look for ways to show leadership.  Knowing a little bit about the man, I suspect he’ll do this by showing not his ability to “reach across the aisle” (which, by the way, he demonstrated today by sandbagging Obama) but by letting loose his temper.  Anger is not synonymous with leadership.

Let’s hope he doesn’t make it harder to get a deal.

– Austin

PS – For the first time in eight years, I actually felt sorry for George Bush tonight.  He looked like a man who – for the first time in my observation – actually understood and felt the burdens of his office. medical grants fine

The Norm and Al Show

How effective do you think the Norm Coleman ads are that show Al Franken repeatedly swearing and screaming? Don’t they make Franken look terrible? He sure doesn’t comport to Lake Wobegon standards.

I think the ads will be effective in turning off many voters, especially the older ones.

Or what about the ads entitled “Unfit for Office,” in which the charge is made that Franken jokes about rape? What’s that about? I find it hard to believe.

Criticizing Franken’s failure/forgetting to pay $70,000 in taxes is fair game, however. What was he thinking?

I’m also puzzled as to why there are so few ads taking on Coleman’s record. All I’ve seen are ads in which a talking fish tells me that Norm took lots of fishing trips paid for by big oil. Who’s advising Franken’s campaign? hr outsourcing fine

Another Hail Mary Goes Up…

Well, that didn’t take long.

In the face of his wilting poll numbers, John McCain has lofted another Hail Mary pass, announcing today that he is suspending his campaign tomorrow to return to Washington, DC to work on the financial crisis.  He has asked Barack Obama to join him in this move and to delay the debate scheduled for Friday.

Senator McCain is trying to once again remind people that he’s willing to put “country first” by sacrificing his political prospects for the good of the country.  Except, of course, he would actually be advancing his political prospects if we buy his spin.

Not surprisingly, Congressional Republicans think this is a good idea and Congressional Democrats think it’s political grandstanding.

Obama is due to make an announcement shortly.  I predict he will offer to come to Washington if Secretary Paulson, Fed Chairman Bernanke, the Congressional leadership and/or the President think he can be helpful.  I think he will suggest repurposing the debate to talk about the economy.

Let’s see…

– Austin affiliate internet marketing fine

It’s The Economy, Stupid…

I don’t usually pay a lot of attention to the national polls, but I was struck by a couple of things in the internals in today’s Diageo/Hotline tracking poll:

Obama/Biden are moving ahead among white women. The Dems now hold a 1% edge, 46-45%; in the poll completed one week earlier (on 9/16), McCain/Palin led 53-37%.

Among the 56% of registered voters who say the economy is their #1 issue, Obama/Biden are up 51-39%. Last week they led the group, which at the time only represented two-fifths of RVs, 49-40%.

The big data point is that last week 40 percent of the electorate thought the economy was issue #1; today it’s 56 percent, a huge movement in a week. And, as the poll reflects, one that favors the Dems. Amazing what the largest economic crisis in 80 years can do for focusing our attentions.

Look for Team McCain to start throwing more Hail Marys in short order to try to change the conversation.  They’ve already resurrected  the “attack the press” gambit that they feel worked well for them during the convention.

Maybe McCain could name a new VP candidate too!


– Austin adecco payroll fine

Order Yours Today…

We seem to be thinking about commerce and scams today here at the Crowd.  I recently ordered some campaign material from the on-line store of one of the candidates (guess) and was struck by how campaigns have turned what used to be an expense – buttons, yardsigns, etc – into a revenue source.

In the spirit of the American tradition of finding a way to make a buck off of anything, let me contribute parts 1-3 of Garry Trudeau’s take on the Sarah Palin phenomenon.  And, yes, there’s a link to where you can get yours today:

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Senator Huckster

Just follow my plan. You too can buy real estate and turn around and sell it for 10 or 20 times more than the purchase price!!!

An infomercial scam airing at 2 a.m. on basic cable? Nope, this is what passes for statesmanship in Minnesota.

Norm Coleman sounded more like a hustler than a Senator in an interview this week with the Mankato Free Press about the Wall Street financial crisis:

“’The government could make 10 or 20 times what it pays on this, possibly,’ Coleman said during a campaign stop at Christy’s Cafe in North Mankato Saturday morning.”

If Senator Coleman were correct, why wouldn’t savvy investors on Wall Street or Main Street be stepping forward for the right to earn this gargantuan return?

– Loveland

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