The Media Grow a (Tiny) Pair…

A couple of weeks ago, I went on a rant about how the media was an unindicted co-conspirator with the McCain campaign by not pushing the candidate and his veepmate to respond to questions from the media.

Today, there are signs of life from the traveling press corp. As ABC reports, the media staged a little insurrection that disrupted Senator McCain’s working of the rope line at his morning event.

The result? The campaign announced – totally coincidentally of course – that Senator McCain will take some questions later today. Mr. Straight Talk, the guy who used to hold the free-flowing bull sessions that so charmed reporters, hasn’t held a press conference since August 13. Governor Palin, of course, has yet to hold one since her selection and has sat for only two (one really) interviews.

Good work media!  Let’s keep asking those questions!

– Austin

2 thoughts on “The Media Grow a (Tiny) Pair…

  1. Joe Loveland says:

    I heard a statistic the other day that Biden had done 84 interviews or news conferences since his nomination, while Palin has done 2. Beyond the scripted platitudes, the silence from the Governor is deafening.

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