Getting In Touch With My McCain Side…

Seven homes and – we learn today (well, I did anyway) – thirteen cars to motor amongst them.  From where Senator McCain lives, I guess the fundamentals of our economy truly are strong. Who says John McCain isn’t in touch with the rest of us?

Not surprisingly, Team Obama jumped all over this one, particularly after Senator McCain played a little fast and loose with a Michigan television station when trumpeting his buying habits (turns out part of the McCain motor pool is foreign-made).

I’m sure if I played for the other team, I’d feel outraged, but since Team McCain is still running ads claiming Sarah Palin “stopped the bridge to Nowhere” I’m having trouble mustering much upsettedness.

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7 thoughts on “Getting In Touch With My McCain Side…

  1. If I were to nitpick, I’d say that a guy could indeed own three foreign cars and not be a liar when he says he’s “bought American all my life.” You know, he’s never been primarily a foreign-car buyer. But that’s a nit, and I can’t tell if it’s a silly, defensive reaction or not.

    Aside from that, I only have one other thing to say: Really? Is this worthy of an ad? I know the barriers to ad production and dissemination are rather low these days, but shit…

  2. PM says:

    Well, I think it is playing only in Michigan, and Michigan is probably worth it….and i think it would be effective there, too. That sort of thing matters. Hell, just the fract that he has so many cars would make a big difference in Michigan! (as well as all the houses, the $500 loafers, etc.)

  3. Joe Loveland says:

    This is silly pandering. My Honda Civic is assembled in Ohio and our Dodge Caravan had parts from all over the world. The lines between foreign and domestic are very blurry.

    If the13 car nugget weren’t there, I doubt they would have done this ad. It seems like an excuse to talk about McCain’s fleet.

    Not a lying ad (as far as I know), but a dumb one.

  4. Jon Austin says:

    I agree it’s not the ad I’d submit for an award, but it does tag him on the foreign car issue (which he did try to skate on) and – more importantly – it once again reminds people – fairly IMHO – that a 7-home, 13-car, 26-year Republican ain’t a populist, ain’t a change agent, ain’t like you and me.

    – Austin

  5. Joe Loveland says:

    Unlike many of McCain’s recent ads, this Obama ad doesn’t lie. In fact, it catches McCain in an apparently untruthful pander. And I agree that it scores short-term points in Michigan.

    But it bums me out to see Obama executing this traditional rustbelt pander, because we need leaders who are going to shoot it straight to Americans about the global economy. Competing in the global economy is going to mean investing heavily in education, infrastructure and energy independence. Praising people who buy products with American names and international DNA is a false security blanket that hurts America in the long-run.

  6. It’s also nice to have some refreshing honesty in place of the usual political pandering. Like someone who’ll tell people in Michigan that some of those lost jobs just ain’t coming back and that it’s not the end of the world — it’s an opportunity to develop new jobs that won’t leave any time soon.

    Like McCain did.

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