How do polls work?

Jason DeRushaMany readers here might know most of this stuff already, but WCCO’s Jason DeRusha does a great job of explaining how polls work — in less than three minutes.

Who are they calling? What’s up with pollsters and cell phones? What’s the sample sizes?

Rob Daves, principal of Daves & Associates Research and the former director of the Star Tribune’s Minnesota Poll, tells DeRusha, “A surgeon or a doctor doesn’t have to take but one or two drops of blood, he doesn’t have to take all of your blood to figure out your blood chemistry. Same thing with political polls.”

We’ll all spend the next six weeks hearing about more polls than we’d ever begin to care about, so it might be a good bit of perspective and understanding to keep in your back pocket.

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  1. PM says:

    Gallup daily tracking now has Obama up by 2 points. Not statistically significant, but this is the first time since the republican convention, so maybe more evidence of that bounce eroding

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