Off Target

Citizen’s Stadium. Public Park. Taxpayer Grounds. Bubbas’ Ballpark. Fans’ Field. Any of these names would have been more apt and fair for the Twins new ballpark than the official name announced yesterday, Target Field.

I’ve got nothing against Target. I regularly choose it as my favored place to buy loads of worthless crap. But really, should Target get all the glory?

After all, Target didn’t make the Twins new baseball playground possible. The taxpayers of Hennepin County did. When no one else, including Target, would step forward to fund the ballpark, the taxpayers of Hennepin County ended a bitter decade-long ballpark financing stalemate by shelling out $392 million, in the form of a 0.15 sales tax increase…often paid at Target. Without our Hennepin heroes, we’d still be suffering through faux relocation threats from our favorite subsidy starved billionaire.

But Target, not taxpayers, will get the glory. Gone are the days when we named community-funded stadiums after soldiers’ sacrifices, visionary leaders or the community’s team. No more Soldier’s Field, Memorial Stadium, Humphrey Metrodome or Yankee Stadium. Pucket Park and other quaint suggestions to name it after Twins heroes never stood a chance.

No, now we do with the name what we do with everything else in society, sell it to the highest bidder. Between Target Center and Target Field, we also learned yesterday that we will have Target Plaza. In coming months, expect to learn that the Target Light Rail will be delivering fans to the freshly rebranded Targetapolis. The aisles promise to be nice and wide.

Look, I’m a big boy. I know corporate-branded, community-funded assets are the way of the world these days. Hard to put the Genie back into that bottle. And goodness knows, it could have been way worse. Haliburton Grounds. Waste Management Field. Penthouse Park. 800-588-2300 Empire Stadium. But then again, perhaps if that could have yielded another million per year for Carl…

– Loveland

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11 thoughts on “Off Target

  1. Don’t worry. You won’t have to live with it for very long.

    The Twins are about to be sold. The rechristened Bentonville Twins will play at Sam Walton Field at Walmart World.

  2. Dave Jackson says:

    Can’t wait to have my first Target Dog and visit the Target Restrooms. (now there’s a sponsorship idea!)


  3. Jon Austin says:

    Wouldn’t you just love to see the contracts for naming rights these days, post-Enron? I bet there’s an escape clause for corporate wind breaking.

    – Austin

  4. Eileen says:

    I’ll get used to Target Field. I love SafeCo, so what the heck … How about catching a ballgame at the bullseye? As long as they don’t put a logo on the field or around the pitchers mound, I’m good.
    My friend Mike had the best idea: General Mills should have stepped up with the money and called it the Wheaties Bowl ….

    Now if we could just win a game or two …

  5. The worst thing about the Metrodome is sitting in what should be great seats on the left field line, just past third past. Because baseball in the Dome was an afterthought, the seats squarely face the center of the other field — the damn football field. It’s as if someone expects a majority of the action to take place 50 feet behind second base. And then your neck starts to hurt after about three innings of turning your head completely to the right to catch a glimpse of what’s going on near the infield.

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