Terrorist Fist Gab

Fox News was recently ruminating and fulminating about non-verbal communications, and asked the question all of America is surely asking: Why is Barack Hussein Obama doing a “terrorist fist jab” with his wife?

Huh? Terrorist fist jab? If that was a terrorist fist jab Barack and Michelle were doing at the Excel last week, America’s schools are even more infected with junior terrorist cells than the Star Tribune’s Katherine Kersten feared.

Obviously Fox didn’t make a serious accusation here, but it’s pretty bizarre to even mention a completely unsubstantiated terrorist-Obama connection.

– Loveland tax masters fine

6 thoughts on “Terrorist Fist Gab

  1. T Boone Pickens says:

    It is not unsubstantiated to question Obama’s support of Keith Ellison, who has undeniable sympathies with CAIR and its stakeholders.

  2. This is one of the most absurd things I’ve ever heard. She just mentions that in passing, doesn’t really address it again. They don’t show any photos of terrorists doing this “fist jab.”

    I love the guest, who just puts the anchor in her place. Well done.

  3. Joe Loveland says:

    That was a mighty mushy apology, Ed. She attributes it to “some in the media.” Who would that be? When you Google terrorist fist jab and Obama, my superficial skim doesn’t find other media outlets saying it before Fox.

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