Tankin’ Franken?

Top ten signs Al Franken’s U.S. Senate campaign against Senator Norm Coleman is in trouble.

10. Matt Drudge’s nipples involuntarily harden every time he hears Franken’s name.
9. Minnesota DFLers actually start remembering The Hyphenated Dude’s name (i.e Franken’s DFL opponent Jack Nelson-Whatever).
8. Coleman replaces all of his staff cosmetologists with more private investigators.
7. Franken’s accountant displays a snazzy “Mission Accomplished” banner the day he files his amendments.
6. When Franken tells his mirror “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it…”, the mirror interrupts with a poll briefing.
5. The number of times Franken changes his Form 1040X exceeds the number of times Norm Coleman has changed his core principles.
4. Mrs. Molin gets out The Paddle.
3. Franken’s accountant gets fired by Franken, and hired by the Coleman campaign.
2. The number of IRS agents attending Franken rallies begins to outnumber voters.
1. Franken’s $53,000 tax blunder gets more coverage than Coleman’s $534,000,000,000 foreign policy blunder.

– Loveland

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11 thoughts on “Tankin’ Franken?

  1. Nice headline. I love the cable news-inspired trick of “asking” rather than asserting that Franken is tankin’. 🙂

    Number 9 is classic. He was a prof at St. Thomas (go Tommies!), so I actually do know his name. But you’re very right — his lack of name recognition is an issue.

  2. Curtis says:

    I love how Loveland’s blood is so liberal-blue, he turns a post that (I assume) he meant to show how poorly Al Franken’s campaign is going into a post about how much he despises Norm Coleman. I’m just sayin’. (See 8, 5, 3, 1)

  3. Joe Loveland says:

    Great to hear from you Curtis.

    So a post that takes four shots at the conservative and more shots (6-10?) at the liberal is a “liberal-blue” post? Trust me, my liberal-blue friends don’t see it that way!

    The viewpoint I intended to convey with the post: Franken’s ineptitude has him teetering on the edge of the political abyss despite the fact that his personal bungles pale in comparison to Coleman’s policy bungles.

    That’s not a viewpoint that wins me love from my friends who support Franken or my friends who support Coleman. And it’s not a viewpoint that fits neatly with the standard political labels. But it’s how I see it.

  4. Joe Loveland says:

    P.S. I don’t dispute I’m a liberal, just that this is a post spinning the liberal party line. “Franken may be toast” isn’t exactly the liberal party line.

  5. Curtis says:

    That’s why I love reading this Rowdy Rag – the spark of emotion that comes from the opinions of the Crowd. It gets both my blue, and red, blood pumpin’.

  6. Joe Loveland says:

    Rowdy Rag. The sweetest thing anyone has ever said about us. I’m getting a little vaclempt.

  7. Joe Loveland says:

    Speaking of Mr. Ventura, he had something to say about this very subject on MPR today:

    “Ventura said he’s not impressed with Democrat Al Franken or Republican Sen. Norm Coleman.

    ‘Coleman is nothing but a chicken hawk,’ he said. ‘Do you know what the definition of a chicken hawk is? Well, that’s someone who, when it was there time to serve and go to war and go in the military they were chicken. And then they come back when they’re 50 years old and they rubber stamp the president on everything he wants to do with the war. Well, why when it was you turn to go you wanted no part of it?’

    Ventura called Franken a carpetbagger for leaving New York for Minnesota’s Senate race. And he commented on Franken’s tax problems.

    ‘Apparently even with a Harvard education he didn’t realize that when you earn in 30 states you go to pay taxes in all of those states,” he said. “I as a pro wrestler knew that. Can you imagine that?’

    Franken’s campaign declined to comment on Ventura’s criticism.

    Coleman, during his weekly telephone conference call with reporters, said he thinks Ventura’s talk about the Senate race has more to do with selling books than running a campaign.

    ‘I’m going to be very blunt here,’ Coleman said. ‘We’ve seen the Jesse show one time. I doubt that many Minnesotans want to see the sequel. But that’s the beauty of Democracy is that anybody can run including the former governor. But he’s also in the process of selling a book, and I think certainly there’s been more focus on the selling part than the policy making part. But I certainly welcome him into the race if that’s his intention.'”

  8. I’m disappointed in the Franken camp for declining to comment. The man surely made millions as a satirist and can’t come up with thirty good words for Jesse?

    Even Sen. Coleman came up with something in response to “the Jesse show,” to which Coleman had a front-row seat during that little run for governor.

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