Bush Backing Barack?

President Bush’s speech criticizing Senator Obama in front of the Israeli Knesset yesterday knocked Senator Clinton completely out of the news cycle when she desperately needs to be dominating it.

The President’s focus on Obama, rather than Clinton, made it feel as if the Democratic nomination race was over, at a time when Clinton desperately needs to show that race aint over yet.

The resulting Bush-Obama debate put Obama on a presidential plane.

The food fight put Obama in the enviable position of publicly battling W, bringing a “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” vibe to the remaining Democratic primaries.

The Bush attack largely eclipsed Senator McCain’s much hyped “vision speech.”

And the Bush-McCain tag team act further linked Obama’s General Election opponent with the most unpopular President in a quarter century.

Could it be that W has joined the Obama cult too?

– Loveland

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Tankin’ Franken?

Top ten signs Al Franken’s U.S. Senate campaign against Senator Norm Coleman is in trouble.

10. Matt Drudge’s nipples involuntarily harden every time he hears Franken’s name.
9. Minnesota DFLers actually start remembering The Hyphenated Dude’s name (i.e Franken’s DFL opponent Jack Nelson-Whatever).
8. Coleman replaces all of his staff cosmetologists with more private investigators.
7. Franken’s accountant displays a snazzy “Mission Accomplished” banner the day he files his amendments.
6. When Franken tells his mirror “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it…”, the mirror interrupts with a poll briefing.
5. The number of times Franken changes his Form 1040X exceeds the number of times Norm Coleman has changed his core principles.
4. Mrs. Molin gets out The Paddle.
3. Franken’s accountant gets fired by Franken, and hired by the Coleman campaign.
2. The number of IRS agents attending Franken rallies begins to outnumber voters.
1. Franken’s $53,000 tax blunder gets more coverage than Coleman’s $534,000,000,000 foreign policy blunder.

– Loveland

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