Getting Down To Brass Flacks

Remember the corps of retired military brass that was deployed by the Pentagon on military contractors’ payrolls to flack for them under the guise of “objective” mainstream news analysis?

Ok, so you probably don’t remember, since the mainstream news media has been too busy covering flag pin compliance, Hannah Montana’s bare back, and the success of the Iraqi surge (as per the brass flacks’ analysis).

But it happened, I swear. Apparently the war contractors were imbedded in newsrooms at the same time the newsies were imbedded in war rooms. It was kind of like a student exchange to foster greater understanding across cultures. But none of it was disclosed.

Well anyway, it turns out the boys have been busy little bees. The military analysts named in the New York Times article made about 4,500 appearances on national news programs, according to Media Matters.

Four thousand five hundred national news segments! Somebody put some PR ad equivalency math against that number and make sure Rummy gets his Silver Anvil post haste.

– Loveland

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