Short Statements Convince. Or, an observation on the fact that really long answers are not as compelling as short punchy statements because they kind of go on and on and people lose interest and go off and do other things and forget right in the middle what it is the verbose person is talking about because it isn’t clear to anybody which of the huge blob of words might really mean something and so when you think about it long-winded talk sounds just like a lotta words and doesn’t really make a strong point I mean y’knowwhadImean?

Sen. Hillary Clinton is running an ad saying she supports a gas-tax holiday for the summer — money in your pocket. The ad concludes: “Senator Obama says no.”

On Meet The Press this morning, Tim Russert asked Obama about this gas-tax holiday idea. “This is a classic Washington gimmick,” Obama said. And then proceeded to take two and a half minutes to explain why.

“Senator Obama says no” versus “Look, Tim, let me give you a long answer that explains in really cogent reasonable smart terms why this thing isn’t good public policy…”

Guess which wins?

I love Obama and am afraid Hillary’s pandering and her despicable tricks are going to work. I want Obama to spit it out, tighten it up. Media training, sir. How ’bout: “It’s a hustle, Tim. It’s not going to save drivers money, it’s going to take money and jobs from road and bridge repair and drop it right in the pockets of oil company fat-cats. Hillary’s trying to buy people’s votes when we need to be building up other forms of energy so the oil companies and the Middle East don’t run our lives any more.”

Short. It works.

— Bruce Benidt free payroll software kind