My Ad Friends Send Me Great Links

Like this one.

In a rather unique project, someone has endeavored to purchase, prepare and photograph 100 packaged foods, comparing the product to its packaging photography. If I read the German-language  website correctly, all products were subsequently eaten.

About time we got around to food styling here. Should you wish, you may view all 100 comparisons by clicking on the thumbnails here.

— Hornseth form 2106 instructions kind

3 thoughts on “My Ad Friends Send Me Great Links

  1. kadetcomm says:

    Hm. Well, yes.


    May I also add that I have little doubt that someone is missing a huge opportunity to sell Americans on the delights of the “Currywurst.”

  2. jloveland says:

    I have a similar gastronointestnal reaction when I view Norm Coleman’s “I’m an independent” ad. The werbung looks so much better than the realität.

  3. I have a $100 for anyone who can show me an actual, store-bought Big Mac that looks like this:

    I remember watching a TV show that talked about food preparation for advertising. They made sure to point out that, say, putting marbles in the bottom of soup bowl — to puff up the solids and make the chicken noodle soup look more chickeny and noodley — wasn’t kosher.

    I think this video clearly shows us that Photoshopping apparently is, though.

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