Things We Find Interesting

Here is another video in support of Obama similar to the YouTube favorite ‘Yes We Can’ production. It features some of the original cast along with some new faces, each delivering one of a series of political messages set to music. Even after a few views it hits just as hard. A refreshing take on political message strategy.

If you are a McCain supporter you will most likely hate this one but its worth watching for a benchmark of how fast this channel of political communications is evolving – a mashup of McCain quotes set to music evocative of the Obama videos above but with a hard hitting bite…and its already been viewed 1.5 million times since its posting.

Check out this NY Times article outlining a massive advertising campaign effort to raise the urgency around global warming (global warming and the environment consistently finish at or near the bottom of the list of issues American worry most about). The three-year campaign is being led by Oscar-winning, Nobel-prize-winning former Vice President Al Gore (I can’t believe he hasn’t been knighted yet).

Want to know how far $925 million goes in Minnesota? Check out the laundry list that Minnesota legislature included in the just-passed contruction bill that includes stuff like a new planetarium and space discovery center and the study of a high-speed rail linkage between St. Paul and Chicago. More funding to the state’s colleges and recreational facilities are also included in a bill that has been called $100 million too big by Gov. (and front-running McCain VP candidate) Tim Pawlenty. More details of the bill are included in this Star Tribune article.

And finally, before you head for the multiplex this weekend to take in the latest George Clooney flick, Leatherheads, take a moment to pay homage to the reality that inspired it all. A hilarious Star Tribune article provides some nuggets of information on some “real leather heads” in the form of the Duluth Eskimos. Was it news to anyone besides me about Harpo Marx’s ties to the early days of pro football?


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