Bush League

If I wrote a Political PR 101 Manual, I’d include the following: “Thou shalt never, ever have your political figure introduced to large beer-drinking crowds attending sporting events.”

Reason: If even one-half of one percent of a crowd of 30,000 boo your candidate — a near certainty for even a relatively popular political figure — that’s 150 people. And 150 people is enough for the news media to report that the crowd booed you.

– Loveland

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6 thoughts on “Bush League

  1. Bush aside, and despite the incongruous weather (still lovin’ that outdoor stadium plan, folks?), today is the day that we hear my second-favorite short sentence (my favorite, of course, was Richard Nixon’s “I hearby resign the office of the presidency”):


  2. I was just saying to my family last night that I, surely unlike most others, would love baseball’s opening day in the snow. I’m strange like that.

    And if I may further remove this discussion from the realm of politics and communication, allow me to posit this question:

    Livan Hernandez?! Really?

  3. jloveland says:

    And speaking of boo mitigation plans, who would have thought that Torii Hunter would get more boos than Livan Hernandez last night?

  4. Livan threw seven innings last night in a win for the season/home opener. That’s a pretty good start.

    Torii (which, for the record, I enjoy mispronouncing as “Tor-eye-eye” – say it, it’s fun) got booed? That’s pretty lame. Boo to the booers!

  5. Dennis lang says:

    Okay, maybe my 74-88 prediction for the local nine was overly dire. Heck, these guys look like the most exciting team in the American League! Anyone remember the ’34 Cardinals “gashouse gang”? The midst of their reincarnation could be upon us. Would anyone out there now trade Gomez even-up for Santana? Oh, tonight, game two.

  6. Dennis Lang says:

    Please note comment immediately above. Obviously made in state of euphoric haste. Disregard all suggested comparisons between current ballclub and fabled Cardinal’s “gashouse gang”. Sorry.

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