Time to go Gandhi and Let the Swift Boat Sink Itself?

Is it time for Barack Obama to ignore the slings and arrows of a desperate Clinton campaign? To say, “Senator Clinton and her husband and surrogates have gone so negative in this campaign, and so far off the track of what we need to deal with as a nation, that I’m going to stop responding to her comments and innuendos and just tell you what I think we need to do to bring this country together, stop the war, repair our defense and restore America’s relationship with the rest of the world.”

I know — John Kerry would be running for his second term now if he’s stood up on his hind legs and said to George Bush during the Swift Boat crap, “How dare you, Mr. President, question my patriotism. I fought for my country — where were you?”

But Clinton has succeeded in bringing Obama down to her level with her incessant kitchen sink attacks. Every time he responds (with what I, an Obama partisan, feel is accurate criticism) he seems more like her, more like any politician. He’s off his game. He’s no longer calling us, this country, to our best. He’s no longer telling us the hard things we have to do — sacrifice, wean ourselves from energy gluttony, stop fearing one another — no longer leading us to new thinking, new perspectives, new paradigms. He sounds smaller and defensive, not expansive and forward-looking as he has before Clinton started losing and kicking over the table and game board.

Martin Luther King taught a generation of activists not to fight back with force, but with truth and character. I think it’s time for Obama to ignore the Clintons and dig deeper into what he sees for this country, the world, our society and what we can all become.

What do you think, fellow armchair strategists and crisis consultants?

— Bruce Benidt pro business payroll kind

3 thoughts on “Time to go Gandhi and Let the Swift Boat Sink Itself?

  1. Hornseth says:

    As I read on a blog comment somewhere else (reacting to the Clinton supporters’ letter pressuring Nancy Pelosi), the campaigns seem to have entered into the “unforced errors” stage.

    (The letter was a great example of that, but it was admirable in that it contained the word “panoply.”)

    Here’s Time’s Mark Halperin musing on nine reasons why Obama hasn’t started turning the other cheek — yet:


  2. The Analyst says:

    I thought Kerry was going to set the record straight … It’s been 4 years and we’re still waiting. No straight record. No medical records. Nothing. Not even one his imaginary special forces unit who he supposedly ushered into Cambodia on Xmas eve 1968 has ever materialized.

    Kerry was a far bigger fraud than Bush could hope to be. Even scarier, he started out at the age of 24 to fabricate a record of heroism so he could make a run at the presidency.

    The Empty Suit and the Pant Suit will still be fighting this out into late summer!

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