Obama’s Silver Lining List

If you’re a hope huckster, you gotta look for silver linings in those clouds, right?

Well, following a rugged couple weeks, maybe Senator Obama should kick back, have an adult beverage and write himself a Silver Lining List.

Here’s the list Obama might write:

√ It’s now a bit harder for Senator Clinton to generate voter sympathy by painting herself as the media victim and Obama as the coddled media darling.

√ It’s now a bit harder for Senator Clinton to seed doubt by saying Obama is untested and will crumble during a political firestorm.

√ Senator Clinton has been thrown somewhat off message during Obama’s doo-doo days.

√ Reporters who felt they needed to show they’re an equal opportunity slasher maybe got some of their ripping out of their system.

√ Fewer people now think Obama is Muslim, and more know he is Christian.

√ In the expectations game, getting bloodied might give him a bit of the underdog mantle again.

√ In his race speech, he perhaps connected with some soft Clinton voters, and deepened the commitment of more current supporters. Before his doo-doo days he was straying into tit-for-tat bickering that made him look like a typical politician. But the race speech maybe brought him back to his central message about unity and hope.

√ He’s having his worst days of the campaign now, during by far the biggest lull of the primary season, instead of a week before a crucial primary or caucus.

As bad as it is, it could be much worse.

– Loveland

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