What If This Had Been Obama?

Senator McCain had a minor blooper yesterday that should remind us that even politicians with extensive foreign policy experience can occassionally have a stump bumble.

What do you think Crowd? Would the media have covered this differently if Obama had been the one who had misspoken and was schooled on-camera? Should they?

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4 thoughts on “What If This Had Been Obama?

  1. I’m not sure it would have been handled significantly differently. Sure, a little bit of a different spin from the Chris Matthews or Wolf Blitzers of the world, but not hugely different. Certainly different response from those with biases toward either the Left or the Right, but they’re in a different (often less professional) league.

    But let me turn the questioning around on you: Why is your premise focused on “what if it had been Obama?”? Is that a concession that he’s the less experienced candidate when compared to Sen. Clinton, therefore this (presumed) mistake would serve to reinforce that and be portrayed as such in the media? I’m not sure that’s a concession that should be made; Hillary hasn’t convinced me of her greater experience.

    Or is based on an assumption that he’s already the nominee? I’m not sure that’s yet a safe bet either. In fact, I’m still thinkin’ Al Gore could swoop in and steal the whole show. 🙂

  2. jloveland says:

    Good question MK. It’s based on this assumption: Obama is perceived to be the least experienced among remaining contenders. Is that a concession I should make? I think so. Both because I think it’s true (and I know we disagree on that), but also because perception drives media coverage and I don’t believe Obama is going to be able to change that perception.

    Here’s what I think. We should all cut McCain some slack when he makes a misstatement like this. We also should cut Clinton and Obama some slack the next time they have a similar stump bumble. But I bet when this happens to Obama, he’ll get portrayed as a naive rookie dunce who is clearly endangering our cherubs by his not ready to answer red phoneness.

    And that will be utter sillyness. The success or failure of a presidency never hinges on who can score highest on the International Affairs 101 fact quiz, or who has had the most international photo ops. That could get you President Cheyney. Let’s judge these folks based on the overall judgement and insight they’ve show in their careers, and in long-form debates and interviews, not these little gotcha moments.

  3. jloveland says:

    Here’s some video of another slip today. McCain seemed to confuse Shiites and Sunnis. An honest misstatement that should not be gotcha-ed in my opinion. But will the news media be as forgiving when Obama has a slip like this?

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